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  1. Hey, I've been blessing for the past few days, and I've noticed multiple things that aren't quite right. I don't get a notification from the top of the screen when I bless. I don't get to see blessings show up in the notification section until after I leave the relay. I do not see any kind of visual effect on myself or others. I don't get to see a Warframe replace the default statue. All of these things apply when I am blessed as well as to all the people I bless. EDIT: My issue has been resolved, I do not know what changed.
  2. First thing I noticed after logging in, parts of these terminals are blurry and pixelated. Of course this might have been an old issue but whatever. While we're here, this is a long standing issue with Umbra operator cosmetics, they weren't like this on release, at some point they became really noisy with their reflections.
  3. Yeah its been an issue for a while now, been rather annoying.
  4. The relative silence we've had recently makes me optimistic.
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