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  1. Can we please do something for the contrast/visibility of the Necramech crosshair? The new operation is a good indication of why it should be improved. It's not that I'm color-blind, its not that my vision is poor, I just genuinely can't see where I'm aiming anymore, especially when it comes to shooting the Orphix weakspot. DE plz fix
  2. Can we have have the ground-slam animation speed looked at? its incredibly slow compared to the Voidrig one. This also applies while wielding Ironbride.
  3. Hey, I've been blessing for the past few days, and I've noticed multiple things that aren't quite right. I don't get a notification from the top of the screen when I bless. I don't get to see blessings show up in the notification section until after I leave the relay. I do not see any kind of visual effect on myself or others. I don't get to see a Warframe replace the default statue. All of these things apply when I am blessed as well as to all the people I bless. EDIT: My issue has been resolved, I do not know what changed, though it does seem to c
  4. First thing I noticed after logging in, parts of these terminals are blurry and pixelated. Of course this might have been an old issue but whatever. While we're here, this is a long standing issue with Umbra operator cosmetics, they weren't like this on release, at some point they became really noisy with their reflections.
  5. Yeah its been an issue for a while now, been rather annoying.
  6. The relative silence we've had recently makes me optimistic.
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