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  1. Can we please do something for the contrast/visibility of the Necramech crosshair?

    The new operation is a good indication of why it should be improved. It's not that I'm color-blind, its not that my vision is poor, I just genuinely can't see where I'm aiming anymore, especially when it comes to shooting the Orphix weakspot. DE plz fix

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  2. Hey,

    I've been blessing for the past few days, and I've noticed multiple things that aren't quite right.

    • I don't get a notification from the top of the screen when I bless.
    • I don't get to see blessings show up in the notification section until after I leave the relay.
    • I do not see any kind of visual effect on myself or others.
    • I don't get to see a Warframe replace the default statue.

    All of these things apply when I am blessed as well as to all the people I bless.


    EDIT: My issue has been resolved, I do not know what changed, though it does seem to come back occasionally.

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  3. Spoiler


    First thing I noticed after logging in, parts of these terminals are blurry and pixelated.

    Of course this might have been an old issue but whatever.




    While we're here, this is a long standing issue with Umbra operator cosmetics, they weren't like this on release, at some point they became really noisy with their reflections.

  4. 12 minutes ago, [DE]Momaw said:

    Can you provide more details please?  I don't see the error with cat infection reoccurring on your account. Please note that if you had tried curing it at some point in the past, and then completed a mission immediately after that, the cure never really applied.

    I have tried curing it in the plains and exiting right after both before and after the hotfix,
    but I've also tried it in at the very start of a normal mission both before and after the hotfix,
    I can still see the effect when coming back to the orbiter.

    Oh I would also like to take this chance to say that when I'm a client I cannot see the red visual on the kavat, while the host can.

  5. Quote
    • Fixed Kavats being re-infected with Vasca after being cured and then completing a mission with said Kavat.

    Fix from the latest hotfix.
    I've tried it, and the result is the same as before.

    DE plz fix.

    18 hours ago, Hersir said:

    I have tried curing it in the plains and exiting right after both before and after the hotfix,
    but I've also tried it in at the very start of a normal mission both before and after the hotfix,
    I can still see the effect when coming back to the orbiter.

    Oh I would also like to take this chance to say that when I'm a client I cannot see the red visual on the kavat, while the host can.


  6. I only have a few of points I really want to mention:

    • Its been a while since there was any real talk about Pets 2.0.
    • Machete seems to be really hard to intentionally obtain, as its only gotten through login rewards at random.
    • Is Scarlet Spear going to be a recurring event, like Plague Star?
    • Could we get the Mastery from completing missions adjusted so that its more consistent, and adds up to a nice round number?
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  7. I'm going to stay away from the "buggy warframe" idea quite a bit here, this is for multiple reasons.
    I don't think the theme really fits Warframe as a game, I don't think it really even fits into the lore, and although I'm sure there are going to be plenty of ideas for abilities, the previous points kind of prevent me personally from coming up with any ability ideas that I think should be in the game.
    Instead I'm going to take the "Broken Warframe" concept at face value, and think of abilities around the idea of a broken, monstrous being that strikes horror into their enemies, rather than "Goat Simulaltor" but as a Warframe.


    • All abilities have a chance to cast the first ability after a short delay.
    • Enemies that were affected by abilities fill up a counter.

    The idea is to have the Warframe try to apply its abilities on as many enemies as possible, while having an incentive to keep casting abilities to keep the damage output going.
    Counter should have a cap or should drain over time, and drain more the higher it gets to get people to press 4 to 'bank' their gathered points.

    Ability 1:

    • Damages enemies in a small radius around the Warframe.
    • Optional: This ability removes a portion of armor.

    Ability 2:

    • Lunges at a targeted enemy, knocking them down and knocking back enemies hit along the way.

    Paired up with the first ability, should be the bread and butter for the Warframe to build up its counter

    Ability 3:

    • Increases the parkour/cast/melee speeds.
    • (Throwaway Ability)

    I'm thinking that if this ability is deemed good enough, that it should not be on a timer, and thus not scale off duration, Instead I think it should come with charges that you expend.
    I think this will incentivize people to cast this while close to enemies to possibly trigger the passive, and to recast it often - rather than how a lot of self buffs can be scaled to last basically forever, that the player may forget to even use them if they don't pay attention. But because of this, this needs to be able to reach an amount of uses thats not annoying for the player.

    Ability 4:

    • Drains the passive's counter and grants a proportional bonus.

    Ability 2 being an ability thats intended to be used often means that the Warframe will be in close proximity to enemies often, meaning this is the perfect ability to grant some melee bonuses, some damage resistance and some healing. Possibly even life steal on melee attacks or bonus ability strength.
    Whatever this bonus ends up being, it needs to be worth using, and worth gathering points for.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

    have you actually looked at the mods? some of them are complete grabage, absolutely irrelevant or both. And only the blood for energy farm takes a while.

    Its the principle of the matter.

    They made something hard to get only to make it appealing to buy it from them directly, that is not acceptable.

    We expect better things from DE.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

    Then again 75 plat is laughably cheap. You could also buy blood for energy from another player.

    The problem is that you probably need almost all the mods in there, so it often makes more sense to buy it off the market than from a player, I'll go as far as say that you can theoretically make a profit buying that pack over and over again and selling it to players, for now at least.

    Its also not worth it for me to try and farm these mods for a profit when I have to compete with the market and people reselling mods off the market, which eternally undermining my efforts in this case.

  10. Well DE, you really dropped the ball on this one.

    I come to you after spending a few hours killing Lech Kril to get Out Of Sight, and I wen't ahead and looked up how to get the next mod on the list.

    That mod was Blood for Energy, which come out at about 1.6% to drop from Ambulas, not the Ambulas in the boss node, the random ones that spawn on Pluto. (sometimes)

    This is an absolutely absurd farm, this could take weeks of mindlessly farming Ambulas for a single mod, and its not even an amazing mod.


    What makes it worse is that you're selling it on the market, in a bundle for 75 plat. It doesn't make sense to farm these mods out when you can just buy it off the market.

    This is a plain attempt done in bad faith to get us to spend plat on the market on things that should be REASONABLY obtainable in-game.


    At least the requiem pack has a bunch of cosmetics and everything else IS reasonable to obtain, but this is just honestly just so insulting.

  11. Just now, Urlan said:

    Hmm, maybe Darvo oould invest in renting one of the digital billboards in the relay so you don't need to go upstairs and visit him directly to know if he has a sale?

    I'm thinking more in the direction of actually featuring it in the front page of the market.

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