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  1. I don't ask for name, just acknowledgement that a Winner was selected
  2. It's nearly a months since the winner was supposed to be selected. As per official rules, I have been trying to get information from sweepstakes administrator (Marden-Kane) since the 20th Jan. I have asked the administrator twice for an update and got no response. Then tried asking DE on Devstream topic (for questions) to give us some info. Everyone's silent. Was that all a sham? Can we get confirmation that someone indeed won? I don't really need to know their name but would be nice to confirm that indeed one lucky player got it, maybe from where, ie. country/city
  3. @[DE]Rebecca can we have an update on #SPACENINJA sweepstakes contest? Draw was supposed to be around 10th January aaaaand ..... It went completely silent. Did it happen? Someone won? Was it cancelled or the sweestakes was never there?
  4. I hope for better Avionics screen, current one is clunky, provides little information, can't swap them around, difficult to figure out which one's better and by how much, especially if you want to compare one installed vs multiple uninstalled ones please, make it better
  5. Will we find how many losers are playing the game? 😬
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