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  1. it's a bit confusing to see double catchmoon in there
  2. finally, now please update drop table for Deimos bounties as well
  3. Apparently Steve Twitted they are looking at Scintillant after iFlynn complained as well ... as for drop table, @[DE]Rebecca - I wanted to remind you what you wrote in the FIRST comment in here this table was supposed to be up to date with every updates yet we are still missing Deimos Bounties
  4. @[DE]Rebecca can we have updated Drop Table with Deimos bounties please? After running 6+ hours trying to get Scintillant and got 0, I am very keen to see what you will report for it (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  5. What's going on with Scintillant rewards in bounties T1 and T2? I literally run those for like last 5 hours and got 0 Scintillant
  6. I am just curious, We are not knowing what? That in-game drop table is wrong!? I've been running bounties T1 and T2 for 4-5 hours today to get Scintillant as it says inside the game and got 0? Drops in our favour are fixed in minutes and hundreds of players are complaining about T1/T2 bounties not giving any Scintillant whole day today and nothing. Very disappointing.
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