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  1. apparently DE disabled it on purpose without telling anyone 😞 great job DE 😞 I thought you do better
  2. DE disabled it in purpose, check other topic:
  3. looks like it was disabled on purpose ... 😞 NO in-game announcement .... scummy or misleading =I raised a support ticket asking for plat back for the resource booster, wouldn't buy it if I knew
  4. I bought 3-day booster just to run this weekend, sucks in-game info shows now: BONUS: NONE
  5. x2 - orb valis event x2 - weekend boost x2 - 3-day double booster That should give x8 - yet Exploiter Orb mission rewards x2/4 (4 Lazurite Torids), if I knew I would save 80 plat on the booster 😞
  6. Broken with introduction of Nightwave. After you deploy one Extractor quickly move out/zoom out of the planet view (ie. right mouse button). Then zoom on another planet - "DEPLOY EXTRACTOR" icon has disappeared and does not longer show up, I need to exit Navigation and enter again. This always happen if I zoom out after deploying one too quickly (ie. before game play deploying extractor soundtrack and shows the icon before I zoom out), just split of a second but easy to reproduce with a right-mouse-button zooming out quickly after deploying one Apparently told it happens also on other platforms (Switch)
  7. Generally I see Acts as a good idea to direct players towards parts of the game no longer in use, levels, warframes, weapons, you could even have an Act to do a quest (if it's repeatable), opens interesting paths. But that said, in current state the acts have some annoying parts. I've decided to put all stuff here: 1. Acts conditions Why not do Acts with multiple conditions, like: "do 60 minutes survival in one go or 120/180 minutes total", players who want challenge - got it, players who do not want challenge or are learning or can't do challenge - got it. I am rather veteran player but I like to play for fun (and still gain the items), rather than a chore (and had to do Kuva Survival twice - certainly NOT nice doing it for 2h) Would be even better if rewards (not Nightwave points but resources, credits, focus, etc) finally scale better with time ... one day maybe 2. Wolfcreds I think Nightwave levels should NOT give Wolfcreds rewards (or whatever it will be called) - those should be given AUTOMATICALLY with each level (ie. 20 per level), this way any progress will reward players with possibly purchases, not just every 4 or so levels. And you open yourself to put something extra there as well 3. Acts completion required For a system that was supposed to replace alert to require less player attention, it doesn't do the justice. I do so far average 4 ranks per week, on 10-week length I am required to do 3 ranks per week to complete the events, while it doesn't put pressure to play alerts as they come, it puts pressure to play to complete acts, some of them rather difficult, especially to new players (ie. new Switch players might not be strong enough to pass through them so easily). This looks like 75% of all acts are required to complete (considering points - missing any elite one hurts more). 4. Episode specific items All the Wolf of the Saturn 6 items - what happens to them, I can understand cosmetics to be exclusive, but what about mods or weapons. Those should NOT be exclusive (I think you repeated so many times in the past "no" to exclusive weapons), does it mean it will come back as episode-2-WolfCred purchase or elsewhere?
  8. @[DE]Rebecca can we get new caches fix - the difference between ones that can be open, actual caches and ones that can't be open is too small, barely noticable from the distance. Please change it
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