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  1. i'm 1k hours in with almost no interest in playing anything outside my harrow , i couldn't care less about formas . the only thing i got and could want from that event where the plague parts and cetus wisps. I did plague star because i love it , IT'S FUN FOR ME.
  2. games been going for 7 years or more, and the best so far was scarlet spear that came out this year, you sure they can do better?
  3. the things i love the most just stop existing this is why i regret playing this online game , i enjoy things just to lose them. 1k hours just for what i like to disappear
  4. Since DE tends to nerf whats used by people instead of buffing what isn't used (under performing) , how do you think rhinos roar will get nerfed? Am i safe to sacrifice the rhino for it? You see, there are many abilities to subsume, but they just aren't... worth it. Don't get me wrong some of them like khoras cage are cool, but... do you know how long it takes to grind khora, nidus or certain frames? rhino's roar is boring in the end of the day, but it just gives you damage, you don't need to overthink stuff. Tbh i think the abilities we have are lackluster and we should g
  5. Warframe Pacman when? grendel Warframe Battle Royale when? waste of time people play warframe for pve not pvp. Warframe Point and Click when? you mean mining?
  6. feels pretty special until you notice you can't color ********* because it costs ************* 75 plat.
  7. There is almost no one playing it and the few players i met were toxic with one shots weapons and one insulted my mother. how am i going to get those rewards DE conclave gives me depression
  8. god i hope you are wrong :( railjack is awesome and has so much potential , it just needs more diverse game modes
  9. Or at least make it only 2 gamemodes, lunaro team and team death match? why this post? Conclave barely has a playerbase. The players it has are tryhards that just want to flex on people destroying any new players and making any new player want to avoid conclave, the whole environment is toxic It's extremely hard to find a game , expecially a "fair" one that at least has 4 members in each team. I would prefer if conclave rewards were available to have in different ways and conclave just was removed all together we wouldn't lose much on a PVE ga
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