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  1. And this is why the Star Wars universe will never find true peace T_T
  2. We don't even have it and I'm dying of laughter.
  3. Oh man I got rid of both my Vulkar Rivens. Idc how much plat they're worth. I'll never use one ever again.
  4. Who is this Marriage and Syran you speak of?
  5. Since when does Drifting Contact drop from mobs?
  6. You would leave Warframe just because of conclave :|
  7. If you don't get your stacks up in high level missions you're screwed.
  8. But the Vaykor requires more time and endo.
  9. This is the reason DE doesn't take that many ideas from forums.
  10. It's too bad they're already adding a weakpoint to nullys now isn't it?
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