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  1. Ropalyst is still bugged. Half of the times I can't finish the boss fight. Annoying.
  2. In this week it seems that the player feedback is worth nothing. Long long long missions with friends.
  3. A lot of incursion are bugged. Doors not opening.
  4. now there is the ritual ballet of people opening relics and immediatly abandoning if there are no new relics. Quite boring.
  5. what about making a mission for the Exploiter Orb? 9 times out of 10 I cant find a squad. And 50% of the times when I find a squad it bugs after phase 1.
  6. Can confirm: phase 1 now it's working. When phase 2 should begin, the orb doesn't show up. Still unplayable. And I bought a resource booster for this...
  7. Same for me, host migration rampant. Blocked at various loading screens. Difficulty to find a team. Boss fight is really good. But at the moment it's a buggy mess. Also please make it a bounty or a specific mission.
  8. ++ The boss fight is something new! -- Please add a mission like eidolon hunt, I can't hope to find people willing to do the boss in public by sheer luck.
  9. The coolant misterioulsy dissappear. Because of this bug I have been able to do 4 consecutive fissures rerely. It's really time consuming. I replicated the bug solo & with other Tennos.
  10. I think muti stage rewards for Profit Taker missions are needed. The grind is really too much
  11. Please make cutscenes skippable. Its really annoying.
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