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  1. Is it intentional that Auto-Breach and/or Perspicacity meant to not work on the same console again?
  2. Uhhh why is nidus prime not having any prime details left aside from the right arm now when using with tennogen skin + prime details? i liked the moss look and now the place where the part supposed to open up/mutate just looks like scraped off and left agape. not a single mutation effect left from neck below, what the hell.
  3. Can Merulina also have the board slam mechanic (tap + hold grind on default)? considering said move came with the update alongside Yareli but doesn't even work on the so called original inspiration of K-drive that is Merulina
  4. Imagine having tennocon digital pack and not being able to even log into the game let alone enter the tennocon relay. Can't be me.... Oh wait-
  5. Guess no armor set for me today
  6. Lemme guess status dealt by companion no longer benefits your normal weapons next cuz having viral proccing companion removes the need to mod viral on your own weapons.
  7. *wheeze* It's literally IN the thread itself. Current CO we have avoided the capping but, i guess DE forgot they didn't implement the cap and thinks they did. And even if it isn't capped in the end, my point still stands; pure status build using the melee alone is becoming less viable.
  8. But on the bigger picture, it made pure status build VIABLE back then. It was something that actually fits DE's vision long time ago, wanting players to hav ediverse choice in equipment and builds. Sure Hybrid build is broken before or after melee 2.9, 2.999..., and 3.0 changes, but before all that, you can have pure status build working solely on its own with multipliers good enough to go almost as far as hybrid setup. Now such build is just out of the question, with CO changed into a presusre point replacement it just narrows builds towards hybrid because u get more slot and pure status soon becoming even less functional because Condition Overload is capped at 240% damage increase only.
  9. Aren't this change just makes getting Galvanized Mods even more tedious to get? Because if you consider the following; Steel Path's all time availability and diverse choice of mission types compared to Arbitrations' single predetermined endless mission every hour, the existence of ability-ignoring aura from Arbitration Drones in comparison to Steel Path just being generally thicker and more damaging enemies, and down/death penalty in Arbitrations only makes farming more tedious because squad member have to manually *grind* just to revive someone, instant perma-death to some companion, and even more punishing for solo players because basically no 2nd try if u died even once, Steel Path might be the better options even to newer player, it's just more reliable to do. Arbitrations having lower enemy level than Steel Path should NEVER be the only reasoning to make this change. Let's not forget a big part of the community are not into endurance type of missions, forcing everyone to keep doing ENDLESS-only missions (Arbitrations) for Galvanized Mods just gonna make people hate themselves. As if Steel Path is not lacking of rewards enough, its promised new rewards is already taken away lol. Arbitrations already have Unique shop token drops, Mod drops, and Rotation drops. Steel Path for the most part is just normal missions with stronger enemies and few extra Steel Essences once in a while.
  10. You clearly missed the entire point being pure status alone would still be viable with old CO and not a second pressure point that is cowering in fear because DE deemed it too powerful and completely went over the fact pure status build are now not as viable as it was. Might as well rename it to Condition Average-load
  11. Why is CO keep getting nerfed over and over? Why make this mod same stat to pressure point to begin with? I really fail to see the reasoning behind this. I feel like DE never tried to ask the whole community how they felt about the existing system back before melee 3.0 stuff ever happened. Sure back then CO on top of Crit build were absolute beast, but going Hybrid sacrifices some multipliers in the modding where you can put more when going pure status or pure crit and on its own it balances each setup out better than it is rn. For example: Having to use weaker element mods with status chance percentages or sacrifice another slot to put weeping wounds in if u wanted to keep the big number element mods, not using more than one or not using using Crit Damage mod at all because u need to fit old Condition Overload and more elements in it for CO multiplier, requiring mroe consideration to pick between primed fury or berserker because some melee are too slow to build up in the beginning even with huge starting crit chance and using both means sacrificing more weapon slot. But on the other hand pure crit was the good old stuff that can work just with some extra bit of status chance, while pure status build with old Condition Overload meant an entirely viable status build even without crit-hybrid. Where did the DE that used to envision players using different builds and equipment choice go? Why is the only high end viable build these days are Hybrid build despite the so called balancing happening many times over the course of time? Why is pure crit and pure status build gets more narrower choice or just falls out of question in terms of power comparison against Hybrid build these days?
  12. Miss me the time when Condition Overload can offer a whole status build gaming unlike now that is being a replacement to pressure point and only an addition to hybrid build, and now further nerfed to the ground. What was it about DE wanting the player to have broader choice of equipment setup? I think they forgot about their own policy when changing CO. CO used to be able to let u mess around with pure Status build even without crits.
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