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  1. This isn't actually how the alignment system works. Those are just summary words about how that given alignment is typically used. At least in my experience. If you have suggestions for how to modify the language, I'd be happy to hear them!
  2. System Update Big news! Our introduction is being completely updated! I spent the last month or so working on a brand new introduction for our RP designed to be more cinematic and have more feeling put into it. It also gives a little bit of history into the state of the Origin System in this RP. In addition to it being a more fun read, it can also act as a starting point for new characters who haven't yet woken from the Second Dream (Note that this is purely optional and not required). I'll be updating the original post, so be sure to check it out! What's Coming: Same old same old. I've been hung up on the combat system which is delaying a lot of the other stuff I want to get completed. WIP Changes The Combat System is still being worked on. I had to take a break for a couple weeks as Melee Weapon skills functionality were giving me a hard time. However, I got all that sorted, and it should fall into place nicely. Conclusion Still moving slowly forward, but we do have a couple active RPs running right now.
  3. Will Grineer Railjack be getting an upgrade to be on par with the Corpus Railjack?
  4. TYPE: BUG DESCRIPTION: Transitioning from Railjack to Extermination on First Venus Node Bifrost Echo REPRODUCTION: Have one person flying Railjack, Have one person in transition period to the exterminate mission EXPECTED RESULT: Exterminate mission starts, but only the person who was in the transition room ends up in mission, and the person in teh railjack bugs out and can't help OBSERVED RESULT: Exterminate mission started, but my squadmate who was flying the railjack got bugged out and couldn't help me, ended up having to abort because I couldn't open a team door without him. REPRODUCTION RATE: Only tried once. I had to get off before we could attempt another run
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