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  1. Your bio has been review and accepted with the suggested changes having been made!
  2. The notification system lumped both messages you sent into one notification so I missed it. Thanks for pointing it out. We'll take a look!
  3. thank you for point this out! I'll make the necessary adjustments
  4. Join the discord to talk to all of us as a whole? Or just to talk to me? @IConscriptI Welcome back old fried! Your bio has been reviewed and accepted!
  5. @(NSW)QUORATINE7 Your bio has been reviewed and accepted provided you make the requested adjustments left in the comments of the doc. Send me a DM when you're finished and I'll give you an invite link to the Discord server after I review it again! @Fizzleclaw Your bio has been reviewed and accepted. I'm excited to see your character develop!
  6. Awhile back I decided to do something different in Warframe and navigate a Kuva Fortress Spy mission without any help from a map. I did the same thing on Earth, The Void, and Lua and I must say, it was an incredibly refreshing and fun experience. However, the only way to accomplish this, was to completely shut off my UI, which made resource management a nightmare. Would it be possible to get a menu option that allows us to simply disable the map AND objective waypoints from our HUDs so those who are feeling adventurous can actually explore a given mission? Let me tell you, the RUSH of panic in a survival mission you get not knowing where the next life support tower is spawning in made Survival missions SO MUCH FUN! The only issue is that I have to turn the entire HUD off to experience it... I think this would be a wonderful addition to the game and here's to hoping it can actually become a thing.
  7. !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!! IF YOU HAVE NO COMPLETED THE QUESTS: =========================== Natah Second Dream War Within Chains of Harrow The Sacrifice Chimera Prologue Vox Solaris =========================== !DO NOT CONTINUE UNLESS YOU WANT MASSIVE SPOILERS TO THE GAME! Consider yourselves warned. Preface: Thank you to everyone who has stuck through with me in the creation, failures, refinement, and ultimate completion of what i would consider to be my most ambitious and prized project. Your help, input and support helped this get here! Introduction & Roleplay Rules Welcome to “Origin Realignment”. This is a tabletop RPG/written roleplay hybrid based on Discord that imports the functionality of Warframe to a text based format and modifies it to allow more creative freedom than the game itself allows. This RP system was specifically designed to allow people who don’t have easy/regular access or time to devote to actually playing the game, but have maybe 10-20 minutes of time to make a couple of RP posts. We aren’t looking for people who just want to join any old RP to have laughs and jokes. We’re collectively writing a story, and looking for individuals with a deep respect for the Warframe universe. Joining and roleplaying with this group requires willingness to follow rules and create high quality creative content, as well as enough time to interact with the community and RP world to help our story grow. Like any other serious RP, this one too has rules. In order to save space, I’d like to ask you all to follow the link below to our clan drive folder to view them. I recommend you review them before submitting a character application. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzkD7CN5CB24VDRybTBvQ3hnWTA?usp=sharing It is also of critical importance that you go over our lore folder and familiarize yourself with our interpretations of the game's lore. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzkD7CN5CB24aWJTM3RYa0JtUkE?usp=sharing That being said, if you still desire to take the plunge and join the universe of “Catalytic Revival”, we welcome your curiosity and urge you to read on! The Story So Far… Tenno Factions & Subfactions Current Tenno Factions Nameless Redemption Akopkeya Purgatory RP Combat & Player Skills Colonies and the Market System Character Creation If you have ANY questions, send a message on Discord to TacticianMatt#1582. Make sure your message settings allow people not on your friends list to message you. If you don’t, you’ll need to send me a friend request. Alternatively, you can message me here on the forums, but I don’t recommend using that method as I only check the forums once every couple days. I’m on Discord 24/7, so if you want a semi immediate response, that’s the best place to contact me. If your application is accepted, you will be notified in a response forum post, and DM’d an invite link. Thank you for reading this entire forum post! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the unique content you have to offer our story! Current member count: 6
  8. If the crashes happen at random with no definitive cause... How do we know they were fixed?
  9. DE PLEASE, for the love of all things open works in Warframe, give us this man's suggestions! This would be so much fun!
  10. I'm not gonna lie. I really wish DE would keep incursions. I know we're getting Konzu access in the plains, but the Incursions made POE feel alive. Without them it's gonna feel kinda dead. I feel like they could be kept relevant if they had improved rewards. Otherwise, I'm excited for all the changes!
  11. Questions: 1. Will the Caves of Eidolon ever be set to have all of them accessible whenever the plains are visited instead of just one or two? 2. Is there potential for a bounds expansion on the Plains to mimic the size of the plains to something akin to Orb Vallis? 3. Is Mars going to be the next open world?
  12. That would be Primed Chamber though. Those people have something we're likely never to get again, lol.
  13. I actually like the difficulty of their visibility. It makes me actually feel like I'm tracking a beasty rather than just grinding.
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