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  1. @Spirels Your bio has been reviewed and accepted! Welcome to our roleplay group! We hope you enjoy your time with us!
  2. System/Operational Update What's Coming: Railjack and Faction system redesigns are still a good ways away. I'm trying to make all these revamps and improvements as high quality as I can, rather than rush it all out. WIP Changes I'm still working on updating the combat system. I'd say I'm about a 3rd of the way through, closer to halfway. I rewrote how the basic descriptions on how the turn cycle functions, the different character statistics, and I also added a categorically alphabetized list of actions and how many Time Points they cost. This will make it much easier for people to plan their turns out. STORY PROGRESSION The allied forces of Nameless Redemption, Akopkeya, and independent Tenno have successfully taken over Vay Hek's outer courtyard and are preparing to push into his compound and finish the job. A small squad of tenno under the direct guidance of Nora Night are getting closer to uncovering the mystery of a rumored Kuva Lich. Conclusion We're moving a little slowly, but we definitely aren't dead. If you're interested, feel free to message me or leave an application here if you're feeling brave.
  3. SalamanderMan80's bio was rejected by the review team. Reasons why were discussed over DMs on Discord. As a related note, we're changing the way we accept new members. For this point forward, all applicants are allowed a maximum of 2 initial submissions. I'm more than happy to answer any lore questions and resolve possible conflicts and inconsistencies. If the first submission is rejected, a second will be allowed after any course corrections that may be needed. If the second submission is rejected, we will no longer accept submissions from that user.
  4. System/Operational Update What's Coming: Still no updates on Railjack. Updating and further streamlining the combat system has been my focus. But once that gets updated, Railjack should fall neatly into place. WIP Changes: The updated combat system has been coming along slowly. I’ve been trying to think up unique perks for the individual skill trees. Unfortunately, some skills are inherently more difficult to get creative with while staying close to the core mechanic of said skill. However, I’ve also decided to add a couple perk trees to each weapon and create a complete weapon compendium (mostly for weapons that have unique abilities like the harpak and Staticor). Here’s a sneak peek at a couple general skills: In regards to faction stuff, I haven’t touched the base building stuff yet. Just like railjacks delays, I’ve been focused on condensing the combat system. The review team and I are working on updating our plot hole lore to make sure its consistent with the current status of in-game information. What's Done: I added an agility stat to each Warframe based on their size/build which affects their stability and mobility for those special situations where you may need to make a reflex check. Conclusion Like before, once these core issues are complete, railjack will be my next object to tackle. And with it, we’ll likely get to the Scarlet Spear event in character shortly after.
  5. !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!! IF YOU HAVE NO COMPLETED THE QUESTS: =========================== Natah Second Dream War Within Chains of Harrow The Sacrifice Chimera Prologue Vox Solaris =========================== !DO NOT CONTINUE UNLESS YOU WANT MASSIVE SPOILERS TO THE GAME! Consider yourselves warned. Preface: Thank you to everyone who has stuck through with me in the creation, failures, refinement, and ultimate completion of what I would consider to be my most ambitious and prized project. Your help, input and support helped this get here! Introduction & Roleplay Rules Welcome to “Origin Realignment”. This is a tabletop RPG/written roleplay hybrid based on Discord that imports the functionality of Warframe to a text based format and modifies it to allow more creative freedom than the game itself allows. This RP system was specifically designed to allow people who don’t have easy/regular access or time to devote to actually playing the game, but have maybe 10-20 minutes of time to make a couple of RP posts. We aren’t looking for people who just want to join any old RP to have laughs and jokes. We’re collectively writing a story, and looking for individuals with a deep respect for the Warframe universe. Joining and roleplaying with this group requires willingness to follow rules and create high quality creative content, as well as enough time to interact with the community and RP world to help our story grow. Like any other serious RP, this one too has rules. In order to save space, I’d like to ask you all to follow the link below to our clan drive folder to view them. I recommend you review them before submitting a character application. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzkD7CN5CB24VDRybTBvQ3hnWTA?usp=sharing It is also of critical importance that you go over our lore folder and familiarize yourself with our interpretations of the game's lore. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzkD7CN5CB24aWJTM3RYa0JtUkE?usp=sharing That being said, if you still desire to take the plunge and join the universe of “Catalytic Revival”, we welcome your curiosity and urge you to read on! The Story So Far… Tenno Factions & Subfactions Current Tenno Factions Nameless Redemption Akopkeya Purgatory RP Combat & Player Skills Colonies and the Market System Character Creation If you have ANY questions, send a message on Discord to TacticianMatt#1582. Make sure your message settings allow people not on your friends list to message you. If you don’t, you’ll need to send me a friend request. Alternatively, you can message me here on the forums, but I don’t recommend using that method as I only check the forums once every couple days. I’m on Discord 24/7, so if you want a semi immediate response, that’s the best place to contact me. If your application is accepted, you will be notified in a response forum post, and DM’d an invite link. Thank you for reading this entire forum post! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the unique content you have to offer our story! Current member count: 12
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