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  1. Glad I'm not the only person who noticed this...
  2. I'm only going to post one screenshot because its an identical issue across all weapons. I will however list the affected Codex entries that I am presently aware of. 9Don't ask why I am aware of this...) AFFECTED WEAPONS: (That I am aware of) ALL SECONDARY WEAPONS I am unsure whether or not the Primary weapons are affected and I don't wanna spend 15 minutes checking through them all. There's a good chance this is contained to Secondaries only, but I'd check everywhere. EDIT: From what I can gather, it looks like 95% of, if not all secondary weapon codex entries are bugged in this
  3. System Update I'm trying to space these out and make them monthly updates. I'm a little late and I apologize for that. We are still alive and RPing and also have recruited a new member! The assassination of Vay Hek is still on pause while I continue to revamp the combat system. I'll cover those details below. I would like to make another reminder that we are only accepting applications from people ages 18 or higher. This doesn't mean you're required to share your age with us but that also means we don't have to accept your application. So if you're interested in joining our group, l
  4. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating. You guys made a decoration that's a wall mount, then set it up so that it's lock on point is perpendicular to vertical surfaces... Would it be possible to reverse this? Please? I DESPERATELY want to be able to use these all over my orbiter and Dojo. I want to WANT to farm these, but because I can't properly set them up, I have no desire to farm for them. Reference pictures below:
  5. System Update Its been a while since i last posted an update here, all thanks to Covid. I'm still settling into my job's new routine. However, I'm still making forward progress on the combat system. I've come to terms with the fact that I am quite literally making Warframe into a homebrew Pathfinder (I've made a LOT of changes since the last update and it's starting to feel even more like a tabletop game than it used to). That being said, I've got a good chunk of updates for those who may be interested. Please also keep in mind, we are only accepting applications from people ages 18 or
  6. Not sure whats wrong here, but as you can see, my hair colors are WAY lighter than they should be. I even tried to set up the darkest black, and it still looks light grey. UPDATE: Apparently leaving operator customization fixed the issue.
  7. Type: In-Game, Cambion Drift Description: I was doing a tier 5 bounty in public matchmaking. I was using Magus repair to restore my Warframe's HP. Reproduction: Enter operator form, enter void mode. Without exiting void mode, return to Warframe. Expected Result: You should fall through the ground in the Cambion Drift Observed Result: I fell through the ground in the Cambion Drift
  8. In Cambion Drift, when collecting Fish for Sister, if you die in the middle of that segment, it freezes your progress requiring a mission restart to progress beyond the fishing segment.
  9. It never happened with the static reactor prime sigil before now, but thanks for letting me know! I'll swap it out with another.
  10. Title says all. I tried swapping back and forth between the two and I only get the Ash Prime base mesh, but no prime ornaments.
  11. System & ProgressionUpdate What's Coming: Faction and Lich overhauls, as well as Railjack, are still to be done. Got a full time job, so I've been working a good bit slower as I continue to adjust to the hours. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about all that stuff. Please also keep in mind that we're now only accepting applicants from individuals who are over the age of 18. WIP Changes I've completed the rulebook and am currently going through and reworking the weapons. Each weapon type is going have unique perks to their type, which should really diversify the
  12. !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!! IF YOU HAVE NO COMPLETED THE QUESTS: =========================== Natah Second Dream War Within Chains of Harrow The Sacrifice Chimera Prologue Vox Solaris =========================== !DO NOT CONTINUE UNLESS YOU WANT MASSIVE SPOILERS TO THE GAME! Consider yourselves warned. Preface: Thank you to everyone who has stuck through with me in the creation, failures, refinement, and ultimate completion of what I would consider to be my most ambitious and prized project. Your help, input and s
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