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  1. Vaskadar

    The Attica,

    I'd like a balance pass, please, DE. Buff the cruddy weapons!
  2. Kinda wish the Ogris functioned like the UT eight ball launcher.
  3. DE, as a whole, has been extremely reluctant, if not outright resistant to doing any sort of balance passes on weaponry. Melee 2.0 still has some imbalances that persist. I wish DE would do monthly passes on weapons balance, but apparently that's a bit much to ask for, since jack diddly sandskate has been done about it.
  4. There's a pretty blatant level of inconsistency amongst the prime weapons. While I'm not going to go into minute detail over everything, the Boltor has a 120% base damage difference between it and its non-prime counterpart. The Sicarus Prime has a 10% or less difference in base damage between it and its counterpart. The power differences are all over the place without rhyme or reason. It's silly and a majority of players are completely OK with difficulty (and tiers) being thrown out the window by a weapon that can be acquired by Mastery Rank 2 (if they trade for the parts or have buddies t
  5. I'm pretty sure it's tied in with the processor, and the processor handles a lot of the AI navigation, meaning that the more enemies there are in the game, the greater the strain on the processor, and the lower the FPS. It's why I used to prefer fighting the Grineer over other enemy types, because they didn't come in massive swarms.
  6. Universal ammunition could easily be explained away via munitions fabricators of some sort. This would honestly be for the better, really, even though it would nullify the purpose of mutation mods. It's just that weapon ammunition needs to be revised as a whole.
  7. They also need to have a greater effect on the AI with the booby-trapped lockers, otherwise this skill isn't worth the 50 energy.
  8. Nanomachine Warframe. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/21584-concept-svarog-nanomachine-wielding-warframe-insidious-crowd-control/ Or Dragon Warframe. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/37089-a-warframe-concept-the-dragon-20-—-major-art-update-6162014/ Either one would be ideal.
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