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  1. Nephila - The Jorogumo Warframe This warframe can transform from a seemingly docile entertainer, stylized after the Geisha of old and the golden silk orb weaver, into a dangerous webweaver capable of walking on walls with ease, luring enemies to their doom to be fed upon by her host of children, and completely enveloping areas with web that cuts like steel wire, all the while strengthened by those she feeds on Ability Ideas Passive - Enemies killed while affected by her abilities regenerate her health Allure - Draws enemies towards a point if cast without being held. If held, draws enemies towards her directly as she dances. During the cast, if enemies are drawn to her, her silken kimono acts as a shield during her dance. Ensnare - Nephila casts a multitude of strands in a growing perimeter dependent on how long the ability is held during its cast. It drains her health, but each enemy hit by it recovers her health Frenzy - Nephila's spiders erupt from her dress and follow her wherever she goes. Cast duration affects number of spiders and how much health she loses. The spiders' attacks return health to Nephila and draw enemy attacks. Revelation - Nephila's true form is revealed, the dress evaporates into silk, her legs split into 6 and her arms lengthen into long, terrifying claws that she uses to impale prey. While in this form, she can run on walls and leap further, she also moves faster, regenerates health, and drains energy in this form. Her melee attacks while in this form act like an exalted weapon.
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