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  1. Talking about reasonable and unreasonable RNG is nonsense. RNG is RNG. I wonder how pissed off would you be if there was 90% chance of something and you rolled nada 10 times in a row. Which is entirely possible. Every percentage on RNG is only true when number of attempts limits to infinity. Good grief, 100 rolls? Maybe you should look up definition of insanity. RNG is bread and butter of this game. In fact it is bread and butter of every grind ever coded. All you can expect is even more of it. It is cheap and simple way of 'creating' content. And cheap and simple method of earning money
  2. Funny, I would like them to do just the opposite. More open world. Granted, not how Deimos turned out but rather big, mixed ones. Why does it have to be themed? Few outposts are Grins, few are Corpi and couple are infested. Maybe a colossal fissure opens at one and converts everybody to Corrupted. Maybe Sents fly in and drop some troops. Old syndicates having teams in the field, doing w/e syndicates' agendas are. I admit, I've forgotten. The ones you have good standing with will assist but not follow, the ones you have low standing will be neutral, and the ones that are red will be, well, red.
  3. You don't get it. They are divesting from fossil fuels. On a serious note, yes.
  4. Official information on drops/locations/chances is freely available: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html I do believe there's a friendlier URL for that just never bothered to bookmark it. As for getting parts easier, not going to happen. It's part of game's economy. In case you haven't noticed, this is virtual casino. Where it beats real casinos is that a) it doesn't require real money (but allows it) and b) you get to actually do something instead of pulling handles and/or warming your drink. But virtual or real, no casino can survive unless odds ar
  5. While we're Checking for new content ... blindfolded, so not responding to anybody in particular. Keep your fuses. EoD pretty much. It's carrot and stick thing. Works on worms let alone us. One one hand they are giving us ever increasing power and trinkets (the carrot) and on the other they are coming up with new ways to limit the use of said powers or buffing existing limitations (the stick). Whole RNG on top of RNGed RNG is just another way of achieving same thing. Could they make a system where you are guaranteed to build Shedu in 800 Sent kills with a meter that told you exactly ho
  6. Dojo version of Somachord. Scaled up in size obviously but even if not. Not sure how filling it up would work. Donating songs? Starting research in say Orokin lab as it sits idle at the moment and then members go fetch them like we do with pigments? Just giving fully stocked Somachord would kind of beat the purpose. Some rudimentary way of limiting access to changing of playlist, maybe? Painting special decorations, namely Vaults, Trade posts and Teleporters. Regular decos have their colours because that's part of their design, that's fine, but the ones mentioned are just utilities and d
  7. What makes me sad is the fact that you consider it a boss fight.
  8. Then I'm surprised how reaction to your suggestion surprises you. It's a feature. Present on every forum past and present frequented by general population. Have a dog? Even if you don't you must be familiar with particular activity of male half of canine species involving vertical objects. Same principle. Only as we humans tend to do with pretty much everything turned to 11. But even on a more abstract note; you've put it out there. It will happened to it whatever it happens. Whatever happens to it won't hurt it and neither should it hurt you. Neither is your suggestion absolutely spot on
  9. So are you saying this initial flashbang nonsense is in preparation for a new frame mod "Tactical goggles"?
  10. Honestly can't claim it for Windows as I haven't used any for years but I suspect even MS has somehow managed to put it into network layer; your computer will do the throttling. And for shared routers, they will do the same unless your ISP gave you absolute garbage. Having said all that it would still be welcome little feature that at times could come handy. Sizable patch? Fine, I need n Mbs to watch/listen something at quality I want so I'll throttle launcher to just use what I have in excess of that and let it chug in the background. One could argue that opening an option panel in launc
  11. Unbelievably simple, unless all have it off it's on.
  12. Contrary to what seems to be majority sentiment I really like Empyrean expansion. Pretty much all of it. True, needs bit of polishing, current matchmaking system makes it clumsy but once on RJ and into the thick of it it can be a blast. Or source of infinite frustration :) Wish there were fourth theater since Veil becomes bit trivial with RJs decked up > 90% or so. Being on mostly-MkI ship with semi-lost crew struggling to even survive at Saturn is tons more fun. Still fairly new to this myself but here is my 1 cent: There's a thing in the middle of side-turrets room that does nothing.
  13. 6-30 traces is way too big an interval. Fix drop tables. Formas have no place in uncommon slot. 2 Formas on 1 relic (Meso D4 iirc) is just wrong. And new Ducat values made it even worse. Fissures in "static" missions (Def/MD) spawn too frequently ... easy half the enemies killed are corrupted. Tone down yellowing of corrupted mobs, it looks ridiculous. As does effect on our frames. Selection of available Fissure alerts is as pitiful and nonsensical as it was in first iteration; 1xLith, 3xNeo, 1x Axi? Get a hold on your own RNG please. Keep 10 Reactants requirement
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