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  1. i disagree on this one tbh i never enjoyed RJ much, but i did A LOT of those missions to farm intrinsics ( since i didnt abuse the ivara thing ), i reached 10 9 9 10 with normal missions and it was terrible i wouldve never tried RJ after all this, but because of the nighwave challenge, i did some missions with the new rework and it was quite great the movement is better, the missions go faster, the weapons feel better, overall it was fun nightwave got me into trying a mode i wouldve probably ignore for a long future period
  2. I like it for fissure farm only tbh, is the fastest way imo, and i can also work or watch a movie meanwhile since it doesnt require me doing much profit
  3. i managed to get to 90 in the last intermission without killing any Hydrolist, simply because i hate that content we all have our weakness in this game, but luckily you can just ignore it and do other challenges without losing anything it sucks but its not a big deal
  4. what is reddit and who are "we" u've wasted a year worth of luck there OP, id be careful if i were u
  5. if khora deluxe was released without the overhype and initial concept, no one would've talk about it, its just another skin but that concept art created a false unrealistic image of what to expect and it backfired i hope DE and the concept guys take this into consideration and release a more realistic art for their work, body proportions matter in warframe
  6. i wasnt referring to poe for its rngisus part, but for its variety, various stats means more things to upgrade, and imo thats what a good reward is, something which gives u the feeling of improvement i would never suggest different stats for weapons or frames, those should be the same for everybody. i was referring to the mod system, and obviously DE considered this to with the rivens and ama mods
  7. i dont think op was complaining about getting the exp, more about having a system half baked and forgotten, but then again, we got a lot of that, and unless theres enough roar from the community, nothing will change
  8. IMO in order to have a satisfying reward you need something to differ you from other players, in warframe we all get the same thing ( except rivens and rj parts ) based on how much we play, same frame which we can mod in the same way, play that amount of time = that amount of kuva and endo and w/e i find PoE ( the game ) to be the best when it comes to reward: huge number of various stats allowing you to build differently from other players and also have a sense of progression But wf community doesnt want that, people want the same thing for everybody
  9. damn any topic MR related brings the brightest minds of this forum into action WF really feels like a communist house party doesnt it? being the only online game out there locking certain items behind something just the idea that people who still decide which classic color looks better to be somehow restricted from what was advertised to be end game content is just preposterous Imagine small indie games like WoW L2 GW2 locking end game dungeons and items behind a communist level system not allowing new people to experience them there is literally NO difference in their mission impact between a MR 3 and a MR 23, 2000 hours give or take in a game doesnt mean anything
  10. dont think that anyone cares about this much, the whole simaris thing is just... there for w/e i honestly think its the easiest one to do, boring ofc get some scans thingy, go stealth, and scan everything you can, each your daily cap and thats it if you can stand the annoying voice and long ass dialogue, then you can also do the daily
  11. got to love warframe community sometimes Its either: The air is polluted = well dont breath it or just random post to increase the post count. OT: i dont think hes that ugly, his alt helm, or main ( i dont even know ) its ugly as hell tho But his concept of a monk is rly nicely made tbh an if u put some big cape on him, u wont even see his much. He will get a deluxe someday. Good frame tbh
  12. The artist who made khora deluxe for sure is talented and put a lot of effort into that skin, but for all might god its ugly as hell, i really feel bad for whoever made it. Khora is one of the most beautiful frame we have and this deluxe doesnt fit at all, I might buy if it comes with something really nice, otherwise i wont even touch it I got to say that except for the nova one, every other recent deluxe have been terrible, Ivara doesnt fit at all with the frame, Equinox is just ugly as all hell
  13. i like this frame and i dont see anything wrong with it
  14. at some point the quality of a game with drop enough to get itself a bad rep, usually it happens when in order to keep the game "fresh", the dev add more and more content making the game confusing and unbalanced. this is the story of 80% of mmos out there, high lvl cap, new better items again and again, new more powerful bosses and mission again and again, trivializing older content Eventually the mix of bad reputation due to the disconnection between devs and community + the chaotic amount of content lowers the interest of new players, while the veterans simply feel disconnected with the game. Ive witnessed this in so many games, L2, Cabal, JD, MU But warframe is one of the positive example, just recently their community love dropped, but it seems to be on a rise again, and i dont think the game will die anytime soon. I see at least 4 more years of warframe.
  15. because: End game = higher difficulty Higher difficulty = better rewards Better rewards = there aren't any here The problem with end game in warframe is that the game is build on time, play a certain amount of time and everybody with have the same thing. There are very little variation between high MR players, they all have the same items and weapons with the same mods ( excluding rivens ), there is almost nothing that someone can obtain with a bit more effort. As long as you play a certain about of time, you all always get the same thing And because of that, is hard to make and "end game", because there is nothing to offer. A new frame of weapon is not a good reward for a more difficult part of the game, because that weapon or frame doesnt mean progress, it can be even worst then what you have ( like grendel ). tldr: to get and end game we need better rewards so that we can feel a progress
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