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  1. first you say a dumb thing by generalizing, then you make a wall of text to justify it look, there is no WE when it comes to this community and its opinion, regardless of how you want to put it, everybody has its own opinion Unless we get a Federal Republic of Warframe President and then he will decide for everybody until then, it would be nice not to offtopic this thread into lockdown
  2. Who the hell is "we" and when was this decided ? For me MR is one of the most important aspect of the game, is what keeps me playing for years, and i have no one to flex to since i play mostly solo
  3. lovely MR points isn't it ive been waiting to get into some nezha gameplay for a long time, but i kept waiting to invest my forma into the prime version, guess i need to wait some more
  4. i thought about this also we should have out personal room in the dojo, i mean the dojo is totally uselss, there are 1000 rooms and no reason to go there, every dojo looks dead because it doesnt serve any point having a room where you can display all your weapons items frames would be awesome
  5. ofc the grind is worth it because thats what warframe is about, hoarding things in reality it doesnt mean much as gameplay, you barely have any reason to play RJ and by the time they add more content, intrinsic farm will be easier to farm i got 10 10 9 9 mission farm, without the ivara exploit, and it was horrible, but we still do it because what else is there to do
  6. i went to mr29 without trying it out or looking for a tutorial because why not once in there i first tried to shoot them with the weapons, then i noticed that the ult isnt disabled, then i noticed that i can use energy boosters, then i notice that the test was over, what happened the S#&$tiest test i can remember were the archwing one where we were flying into some circles or w/e the one where you had to follow and stay in range of a moving thingy and the one where you had to throw a thing to make mobs vulnerable
  7. got 2 on mesa for obvious resons probably volt or nova are next i dont care who needs it tbh, i will just add them to a frame i enjoy
  8. wf doesnt have a clear target like other games, you need to chose what you want to obtain when i was mr 16 i was just logging in for the daily, and i had no interest in playing the game, and that way of playing kept for more then 1 year and i was planning and quitting for good but i chose to farm MR as my personal goal and ever since the way i play changed completely, my goal is to farm and obtain everything added to the game as fast as possible and to stay as max MR, it doesnt benefit me in any way, but thats my goal there are some other things you could do daily: farm focus farm syndicate missions and sell the items they have in shop once you are at max do nightwave as much as you can farm ever warframe complete every mission in the solar map theres a log of tings to do, you need to pick something and stick with it until you get tired, then pick another one
  9. rly? didnt knew that, is idle active when you dont move for a period of time or its every second you spend on your ship?
  10. how much of that time is afk in ur ship? i got almost 2k hours since the game launched and every mastery point ( except prothea ), but i never waste any second ingame afk
  11. ive never heard anyone say that about rhino, hes one of the most balanced and good frame, especially for new players. hes just decent and fair in every aspect and it doesnt need a buff or a nerf
  12. said this in a similar topic just build a frame as if you are going to carry everything and never relay on anyone, or just leave the mission there are very few missions where is a waste to quite, most of them mean nothing if you quit or extract i never bother with afk people, and a kick vote system is a very exploitable thing since 3 ppl can kick anyone they dont like
  13. i like it. seen a vid of someone doing it since i didnt want to fail and it was quite easy the movement in the puzzle is the same as the one in the ship, why is it so bad?
  14. who would even think of that, there are 50 other things ingame which can be associated with various movement during our history, and no one cares. the only time we notice if when someone talk about it i 100% agree with this games are games, we come here to take a break from outside world not to end up in a virtual world with outside problems this thing is not a big deal, but political things should never be brought into a game
  15. this is what happens when a game starts going political and tries to fix something which wasnt a problem to begin with WF has a decent community, not very toxic compare to a lot of other mmos out there, but when you hear about the ZERO TOLERANCE thing, it makes you think that we are actually terrible and that brings the worst in people
  16. heh, i hope thats bait, if not, then you would have to search yourself but it wasnt about what we weren't allowed to say, i never got into that it was the idea that a group of "interesting" people had the power to do however they saw fit its terrible to know that theres something like this in a game that you enjoy same thing with the partner system, i would never watch wf streams from partners knowing that person is the image of something i love
  17. but it does work in that way Since during the previous chat drama with the amazing moderators, i stop using regional chat completely
  18. i know this is an absolute SIN to mention on forums but 90% of the missions in which im paired with under MR15, i carry them ( less often in sortie ) and thats somehow normal since at that MR ur interested in leveling items so you mostly have no good item to do some work with ( and also, low mr sometimes means that they dont know how to play ) but its fine afaik, the only way to have no weapons is to give ur secondary to the rescue guy or have it removed by the cat lady
  19. one of the most unenjoyable thing i had to do in this game
  20. i swear that DE has the most awesome devs and concept art designers but the worst social skills the whole chat drama with their "interesting" moderators the partners program with their toxic unremovable ( because buddies ) members and now this.... i dont think the community and especially the ingame chat is a big problem for this game, so why go to the extreme
  21. i disagree on this one tbh i never enjoyed RJ much, but i did A LOT of those missions to farm intrinsics ( since i didnt abuse the ivara thing ), i reached 10 9 9 10 with normal missions and it was terrible i wouldve never tried RJ after all this, but because of the nighwave challenge, i did some missions with the new rework and it was quite great the movement is better, the missions go faster, the weapons feel better, overall it was fun nightwave got me into trying a mode i wouldve probably ignore for a long future period
  22. I like it for fissure farm only tbh, is the fastest way imo, and i can also work or watch a movie meanwhile since it doesnt require me doing much profit
  23. i managed to get to 90 in the last intermission without killing any Hydrolist, simply because i hate that content we all have our weakness in this game, but luckily you can just ignore it and do other challenges without losing anything it sucks but its not a big deal
  24. what is reddit and who are "we" u've wasted a year worth of luck there OP, id be careful if i were u
  25. if khora deluxe was released without the overhype and initial concept, no one would've talk about it, its just another skin but that concept art created a false unrealistic image of what to expect and it backfired i hope DE and the concept guys take this into consideration and release a more realistic art for their work, body proportions matter in warframe
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