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  1. I'm really not interested in any reworks and changes because that "correction" changed little in terms of Ivara's general usability. But there's some problems that should be fixed at the same time, if not before. I always said that you try to get Ivara to make spy missions easier and when you get her, you learn that you no longer need her for those missions. I think that I only used her for the Kuva and Lua ones. On others, she's basically better then the frames that can't dash through lasers or teleport but only a little bit better than Rhino, because she also can go full John Cena. But let's talk other missions and the big problem that I see. There's lots of spots like this one that I mention, but this one makes me wanna hang myself on the dash wire more than others. It technically affects all frames, but now, Ivara can only wall jump so this will be a blast. Everybody knows that Corpus rescue mission where the prison is outside. I probably don't even have to say more because most people who don't hack the main door open will already suffer from severe pain knowing how nice it is to use the "secret"/bottom entrance. At the end of that passage you have to bullet jump up. There's no way you can run up the wall because wall running and edge gripping was removed 10000 years ago so you'll get stuck as if you were running up and hitting the ceiling. Why not fix that before fixing Ivaras bullet jump? There's lots of spots like that, but this and one of the Grineer rescue missions are the most annoying ones to navigate. There may be enemies in those passages and sometimes you may not want to engage them or let them see you (and yes, in most scenarios you can just kill the enemy, but by that logic, you don't have to use Ivara to begin with). I'm more salty that it took so long to "fix" it. It will take quite some time to unlearn doing that. Doesn't change interception missions that much, since you don't even need the augment there, but Equinox may now be the faster option for stealth leveling weapons. It's hard to ask for any buffs. I don't like the change, but it's called Prowl for a reason. Aside from slowing down the gameplay a bit, it changes nothing (cough cough invisible ceiling cough). I'd say, polish the environment so that areas that should not need a bullet jump could be accessed by wall jumping, and where bulled jumping would be required you should be able to use the dash wire (without the weird "spend energy and definitely hit a wall but nothing happens"). Ohh, and btw. It would really be nice if the weird delay between pressing the fire button and the fishing spear being thrown while on Ivara's dash wire would be removed. And let us equip gear items on the wires. Ohh, and btw2. You need 0 forma in Ivara to stomp 99% of normal (non-giant boss) missions. Edit: Alright, it seems that DE removed the ledges at the end of many vents, so that's something. I'll try my luck and complain about something else and maybe it's gonna magically get changed too: DE, nobody cares how contagion looks. Please enable skins for zaws!
  2. I don't think this is such a good idea. I run minimum range and noticed that cata doesn't cover up mobile defense points after some time (cata range decreases over time). I already have to stand on top of the point and aim straight down when casting it. If the cata range would be nerfed, low range Limbos will be affected the most and we'll be only left with banish, and stasis. But if the range nerf would at least guarantee that defense/mobile defense objectives are fully covered on the lowest range possible, and the range decay over time would be removed (or at least removed in a situation when range is lower than some value, because the decaying range has also it's pros sometimes) we who play low range Limbo would still have 3 abilities. I don't have any better idea atm, but I know that I am and will be more than happy to be able to continue using cata to protect those defense points and lock out doorways with the low range build. About the stasis duration reduction. It's not like stasis costs 100 energy with base efficiency, and the ability can be re-enabled nearly instantly, so that's not a big problem I think. But I'm with those people who suggest that stasis should at least affect Limbos weapons. This is a really fun thing to use.
  3. Hey. It would be cool if those who use a keyboard could use the WF's native chat window and start typing a message after pressing enter instead of having to press square on the pad everytime.
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