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  1. 1 minute ago, Z_Caronte_Z said:

    that's your own fault, not their's

    How about you keep your opinion to yourself? Description says it will give random relic from all that are currently active. And it was always like that, for keys and relics. It's obviously a bug and we lost our standing thanks to a bug. How is it our fault?

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  2. Ok so I played some Index and actually had quite some fun with it! More than with Rathuum. Until the Endurance part... So the it starts with some fast-paced battles in this fast paced game (and a lot of us like to play it fast). Then you run into those 300 level enemies and it's completely another game. I't called "keep mobs knocked down as long as you can and hit them 1000 times". Super fun -_- Isn't there any other way to keep "endless" mission challenging except crazy enemy scaling?  

  3. Can they at least update the opening post in this topic? Why do I have to search for another thread (now locked too) to find any info?
    And we really can use more info, because, I don't really care already if they will ever release it. I just want to know what's so big in it (and it must be HUGE), that it takes so much time to make it.

    "On PC, you can look forward to War Within more than a month away."... Seriously, what are you making there a new game lol?

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  4. 1 minute ago, Babellon said:

    unlimited ammo is not, has never, and should never be a thing in Warframe.

    Why? All these ammo mutation mods appeared because ammo drops are very unbalanced. Some weapons don't need extra ammo at all, others run out of it super fast even if you pick up everything on the ground. Does it add anything interesting to the gameplay? No, because it all can be solved by dropping few ammo pads. So we have almost unlimited ammo already, just need to drop ammo pizzas for that.

  5. Ammo case made me really sad. And it's not only because it makes carrier overpowered again, but also I was hoping that whole ammo system will go away some day. It's really stupid for some weapons. Hoped that we'll have unlimited ammo like in Overwatch or something else. And now it looks like we've got another band aid mod...

  6. Hmm I can't say I really care about another cinematic quest, but I agree that's one strangest way to kill hype by developers I've seen. I mean, if they just didn't say anything about release date or about this quest at all I doubt many players would ask for another quest. But for some reason they got everyone's hopes up and just split it (which isn't bad, but really boring after such hype) and put big part on constant delay.

  7. So lol at all people getting salty with Smeeta nerf xD

    Ok I farmed CRAZY amounts of resources in last weeks. I didn't have that many neurodes at once in my entire life. But it was OBVIOUSLY broken and not how it was supposed to work. That was a crazy ability that made other pets useless. Of course they fixed that

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  8. What the hell... So I never liked endless missions and I never was really forced to play them with old system. And now I almost have no choice but to do them if I want to get anything anytime soon. Any reason why you can't just swap vaulted parts with new ones?

    Are you just forcing people to buy PA?

    I don't want to think of DE that way, but they either made a very stupid system or they want to make money in some dubious way. 

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  9. I wonder if we ever see ANY LOGIC behind Sortie duration?

    Was it so hard to inform people beforehand, at the start of the season that it will be only 30 days, after previous one that last 2 TIMES longer? 

    Or maybe it's better, more logical and easier to set ONE FIXED DURATION for every Sortie once and for all and close this topic?

    Can you at least explain at least once why duration is so different? Not just say "tomorrow starts new season, deal with it".

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