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  1. On 07.04.2016 at 7:39 AM, Roboplus said:

    No it isn't. It's the only thing that matters. It was flavor. It was different. Now its trash.

    Its inconsistent, unreliable DPS and the effort isn't worth the outcome. Dual Toxocyst was trumped by effortless weapons like Lex Prime, Atomos, Aksomati/Azima. There was never a reason to use it before other than just being different. Now there's no reason to use it at all.

    It would have been easier to change the in-game description to match the weapon's function, than to change the function to match the description.

    Remember when they changed Kohm from projectile to hitscan? That was necessary from a performance perspective, but because it lost its ability to ricochet shots it was almost globally considered a nerf (and that was a weapon becoming hitscan!). It was too system intensive to remain as it was, so as much as it hurt the weapon, the nerf had to happen.

    But this? There was no reason for this.

    Yep there really was no reason for that nerf. Or they at least could make basic stats a bit better, or make it get new buff before previous one ends. Seriously buff it in any way before nerfing it please.

  2. Just now, SoanoS said:

    Not sure if this is the right place but...

    Disconnects, host migrations and inability to log back in right now, so would appreciate if you would go see if the hamsters or whatever less-sentient beings you use to turn the generator have died again.

    Or even better, stop renting your server capacity from a third party.

    Well it's the right place, because no one bothered to make a new topic for all these attacks, happening after that. Can't connect too

  3. Something seriously broke after last update. Not sure if it's related to the hotfix or Thousand cuts alert. But I failed to finish missions 2 or 3 times. At the end of the mission game wouldn't load my ship. My frame just keeps standing there at the extraction point, can't even move. Had to restart Waframe after that and of course I lost mission rewards including all syndicate tokens I farmed

  4. Ok lol I said thanks too early. Host migration got me few crashes and one time I spawned falling through map after it. Also mobile defense on Saturn is unplayable atm (at least in infested outbreak missions). One of the terminals "eats" the item but won't start countdown. 

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