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:hexis: Hey! What's up? :suda:

I'm an easy going warframe player who enjoys build making, minmaxing corrupt mods in weirdly efficient ways and running things with friends. While I don't have fashion frame glitchable relay gear, I enjoy designing a frame's aesthetics. 

I'm always seeking to learn new things so techniques or build designs below are far from perfect. Just my two cents.

BTW, my main is Ivara. It's Ivara or nothing!

Approach & Tips

My top three frames are Ivara, (Solstice) Equinox, & Nova Prime. This is followed by Inaros and Mirage although the sheer destruction of Valkyr is strangely addictive.

Just for fun, these are some techniques...

Ivara (Efficiency-Str-Dur) - When spec'd like this (sans the common Stretch and Overextended of ranged support), Ivara is boss at solo play with Prowling or laying down a Cloaking arrow and camping out far above a capture point on her dashwires that crisscross over that point (holding it down by being relatively near it despite being on high, raining death from above). You can also go mobile and benefit from Prowl's multiplicative headshot buff. With strength your Artemis bow will decapitate like crazy. Prowl can be costly even with efficiency mods so I suggest sticking a multishot mod on your primary as well (Paris Prime or Dread is ideal). I love the Sleep mechanic and hers is better than even Equinox's Rest with her related warframe augment. Sleep arrows have a generous AOE and are easily spammable, increasing Ivara's CC abilities considerably. There's just so many ways to play this vanishing Archer that any description I give here won't do her justice. 

Inaros (Max Duration/High Efficency)- Sac for scarab armor to 100% or health/armor % tweak as you go in small bits, Desiccate blind spam. Even the crapiest melee weapons, fully modded, will win at nearly everything (I usually use dual ichors but just see my fashion wear Dex Dakras in action!). In long games Devour trap around the map for health for you or team in long term (PUGs are useless). Overwhelmed? Sandstorm over devour-trapped targets for instant devour (health), ragdoll & room clearing. Tougher enemies? Discharge scarab armor in small %s for hp, aoe and trap, rinse repeat all. If your Inaros is dying or you're QQ'ing, chances are you're not doing it right. Don't take offense but do try different builds. Some knowledge of hp sac'ing in gaming is useful. Easy to play, worth it to master. High survivability, amazing soloist, life stealing caster-tank that packs a punch!

Mirage - Always keep HoM up, can go full on melee w/ range improved weapon (bottleneck with Tipedo or Range 3'd swords) or full on ranged. Mirrors on weapons like Quanta can kill in relatively dense enemy clusters, quadruple the explosion! Keep Eclipse up. Prism for blind on tougher enemies, for damage on things like defense and survival. SoH can be used to CC during Corpus Defense (basically turning on laser barriers your team can pass through but enemies run into stupidly and fry). She doesn't need to be a glass cannon as some suggest. Can get high number of kills.

Nova (Duration)- slowva with intensity/high power strength or speed Nova with overextended. Regardless of what others say, both are incredibly viable and have armor lowered with MPrime. Some say Null Star is useless but they just don't get it: it isn't for damage, it's for close range MPrime collision. Know boundaries and duration of MPrime. On survivals and defense don't be afraid to spam MPrime if you have improved energy efficiency. Each new wave/enemy cluster may seem like they aren't primed even though the sphere is still up due to high duration, but if in doubt, cast it again. She isn't as glass as some feel, heavy melee against primed targets with a great/well modded weapon works well. You're rewarded a lot of energy dropping in survival so with efficiency you should never run out. Quanta exploding cubes are mini AMDs when exploding near primed targets, something to consider. AMD is useful but use it when enemies clusters and charging it with a high damage/low crit weapon like an Opticor is awesome (two hits to charge  the drop takes out a map of relatively closely packed primed targets). I use AMD on clusters at moderate to close range but also toss it on the ground near enemies to trigger the primed chain. You can also practically spam the sky with them them on Draco since the closely packed energy drops are frequent. (Nova P is my primary so I have plenty of advice and build tips on playing her!)

Opticor Note - you'll hate it at first. And unless you potato it right away, you'll burn out for sure. Use Vile Acceleration and your other rate increasing mods. It'll always be a charge weapon but my Opticor is quick to charge to full and instantously charged enough to fire a decent damage beam. Even without a lot of crit chance it'll score crits often which sucks with AMD but with a faster fire rate you won't care much. Try to get your hands on Combustion Beam as it'll enhance the Opticor's native small AOE (it'll proc when a target is killed and create a powerful explosion which, yes, is hardcore with MPrime and/or AMD). :) It also does a fair bit of damage especially with the two ele dmg mods of your choice and that isn't even forma'd (the 4+ forma builds for it do look hot).

Valkyr (Duration and Efficiency) - she serves a role and I don't prefer playing with her as I find her skillset repetitive but I love her all the same. Paralysis is growing more pointless with frames that do it better (Inaros), but I maintain that Valk focusing on extending the duration of Hysteria and the efficiency to keep recasting it is really what makes this frame so good at killing. She's unstoppable if modded correctly. I primarily play her on Survival and Defense to "clean up" the battlefield and mitigate risk to the team. I've never had to kill specific targets to avoid backlash after Hysteria (is this even a thing?), she pretty much annihilates everything around her anyway. Focusing on these stats will ensure a near-permenant sta of Hysteria so you can lay on the melee DPS while team members do whatever they're doing.

Mag - Obviously CC. Unlike many players, I really love "Crush," with the right mods this can be useful. The truth is that I don't play it much anymore as it was my first frame and have since graduated to better things. :)

Equinox (Duration, Range & Strength) - possibly the coolest support frame, you can change gameplay styles as you play in an instant. If Night for team support and notice health taking a hit, morph to gain the brief change buff and hit back with a tonkor on Day! Range ensures damage resist/debuff ability as well as Mend & Maim effect as many enemies as possible (or team members for beneficial buffs and healing on Night). If going range slot an Overextended as a priority. Have a second build ready with strictly power strength for solo play. Minmax balancing may be a pain until you reach 30 but not as elaborate as some casters like Nova. Awesome for stealth and hit & fade. If you think morphing is optional then chances are you're playing her wrong. Remember to pay attention to the Mend/Maim damage absorption stat in your buffs area and deactivate when it reaches a number you want (on Draco I'll hit it on Maim for around 13,500 but it's overkill or overheal but it's so cheap that it doesn't matter). 

... And more! :nerd:


If you want to discuss the game or chat, PM me! :smile:

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