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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. I connected to a free trial account, never got it, and then couldn't renew the account. Thought it never actually claimed, so I just tried a new trial account and it says I claimed it. Sent a ticket in to Warframe today.
  3. Ok, I have seen a couple similar posts (I think) in the previous pages, but I still would like to get my idea out there in detail. My idea is for a Chemist/Alchemist Warframe, akin to the D&D/Pathfinder Alchemist class. However, my idea also involves inspiration from DOTA 2’s Invoker. For this idea, I’ll call the Warframe “Curie”, though the name obviously could change. ———————————— Curie Theme: Chemistry/Alchemy Unique ability mechanics: Either have her 1-3 abilities add different “chemicals” to a mixture, and her 4 execute the final mixture, or have a single ability add the chemicals and either the same or a different ability to execute the final mixture. The first concept would allow for stronger “final mixtures”, due to the entire kit focusing on the mixtures, while the second concept would allow for other abilities, but weaker “final effects” for balance. Gameplay role: A mixture of a support tank and a nuke-frame. Depending on the ability concept chosen, final mixture effects could include “splash potions” that restore health/shields/energy to allies, buff ally damage, or decimate the enemy in a variety of ways. The final mixture effects could also have a range of different mechanics themselves, including line-based attacks, AOE effects, direct targets, self-use, cones, and more. Backstory: Curie was developed by the Orokin soon after the discovery/invention of Kuva. Her original purpose was to run tests on Kuva to determine the breadth of its uses, along with its dangers. At some point, following the fall of the Orokin and the rise of the Grineer, Curie’s remains/blueprints were discovered by Grineer scientists. Now, the Grineer utilize Curie’s abilities to run their own experiments in hopes of curing clone rot and developing more uses for Kuva. In-Game Acquisition: A side quest that involves raiding a Grineer Research Facility, potentiality through the usage of Railjack to reach it. After clearing the area of hostile crew ships, fighters, and missile turrets, the Tenno dock the Railjack inside a crater of the asteroid facility. After entering the facility, the Tenno must fight through various Kuva-Enhanced Grineer to reach the main lab, where Curie continues to experiment. When inside the room, the Tenno must fight Curie and her elite Kuva Soldiers in order to stop the experiments. Once Curie has been defeated, the Tenno must detonate the facility and return to the Railjack, possibly fighting their way back to safety after more Grineer fighters and Crew Ships have arrived. This could also serve to introduce Kuva Liches into Railjack. Part Blueprint Acquisition: A new Railjack mission node could be created to contain Asteroid Research Facilities. Defeating the head researchers would allow for one of her 3 part blueprints to drop, akin to the Quellor and Pennant for Grineer Captains. Possible resource requirements: As a Kuva researcher, Curie’s build costs could include Grineer Railjack resources (Carbides, etc.) and Kuva. Regardless of if this gets picked, I would appreciate any feedback anyone has.
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