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  1. Forsaken.

    Chat ban

    Thank you very much for the kind reply i found more info now i was not on forums for like 5+ years.
  2. Forsaken.

    Chat ban

    Thanks for the reply fellow tenno. How can i contact them?
  3. Forsaken.

    Chat ban

    Hi, i just logged into the game and i received a chat ban from everything. I do not even know where to post that since we never had that. A notification on what i did would be also great, so i can adapt my behavior (if i did something wrong, what I'm also not sure of). And lastly why do you ban me from the clan chat too, I'm clan founder, how can i communicate with my clan members, adapt your system so we can get banned in the place we make a mistake, I'm really upset about this and I'm awaiting an explanation. Playing this game for several years now, but this i never saw it coming.
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