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  1. Drop amount in veil change is nice with Sister addition but it does compound the issue that only veil voidstorms are worth running Having all voidstorms drop 2 keys 100% every run would diversify relic cracking instead of just running axi. Being in the veil is already good for affinity, mk3 railjack parts (endo) and credits it doesn't need more incentive. Wouldnt mind glast having 3 versions of each weapon but you only get to take 1. still waiting on a toxin grigori to come round
  2. I Received mine a few days ago no inbox just got 100 creds when I went to nightwave store. Might be worth hitting up support with a ticket if not received.
  3. Just got wolf howl but did not get the 50 nightwave cred as duplicate protection as I had it from original season Edit: Same issue with Emissary suit Edit 2: Looks like they've fixed it and are looking to compensate soon From hotfix 29.10.4 Fixed cases of Duplicate Protection logic not working for some Nightwave Rank up rewards. We’ve also made the tooltip on reward hover more clear that you’ll receive Nightwave Cred as compensation. We're looking into compensation options - stay tuned.
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