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  1. I'm not an expert with numbers and builds, but I like tactical fight more, so ember was always sort of boring frame for me, but I'm not sure if I like this version. I can imagine that if ember is on fire, she does more of damage, but from what I understand the passive is bound to having to use range mods a lot - and that seems too much dictating modding the frame, so I don't like it that much. I never used 1 and 3rd ability and it is still the same. I used 4th ability for CC mainly with mod and it is gone. I didn't like 2nd ability which adds some elemental damage to others, because I like if the frame works well for itself and adding more fire dps to already fire dps didn't make sense. But still I wish it would be possible to add something - to escalate the fire ability, so it would do more of dps in time. So what I would change: if ember is using world of fire, she can be doing more of CC and also more of fire dps generally (something like valkyr 4th ability). I like that idea of stripping armor - so if she overheats, she could strip armor and add some bonus damage, then it will start again. I like the idea that she has more of armor at the beginning and less dps, and the more dps she will build the less dps, and she will lose armor with burst of fire.
  2. It doesn't matter anymore - I was so happy to getting involved in this pet staff, but it looks like DE doesn't want me to enjoy their game, so whatever, let them have 100 stasis all in one 1 tab for players who have a lot of pets - they will not implements this anyway. They have all the annoying features players complained about in other games, but hey they are so good, they don't have lootboxes! Because they will listen to hateful players who are like nazi - they don't want others to enjoy games. And who quite often turn out to be devs from a different studio...
  3. So Warframe was praised for not having annoying announcements - that I can click on news when I want it - why it changed? It looks like devs are so eager to share all the annoying features from other games and then they are "surprised" that players are angry. So if it will make you happy - thanks for making my day worse and I guess it is all worthy of having good relationships in gaming industry... Also you can share all the fun with angry gamers... Adding daily was 1 sign, then annoying UI sound without UI sliders to turn it off, then annoying announcements without possibility to turn it off is another one.... And Steve could say in another devs stream how we shouldn't be ironical - irony is the only reaction left if this is what you get with sharing your wishes.
  4. Exactly - because of the hunting mods set I started to search for good warframes fitting pets, I fell in love with Oberon and his passive. But the other pets would be great as well, but then I realized that any other pets are gone for me - I wouldn't take the effort to put pets out of stasis, then back again - I would choose only 1 which is a shame, such a waste of all the other ones.
  5. I have one, still I would prefer to have builds set to go and not to search through all kinds of pets to find the right one if I don't use it for some time...
  6. It is sound with UI - if I close ui there is and scratching sound, there is even double time sometimes - I don't need to be alerted of this, so I wish they wouldn't bother me with it. But it looks like they are fine with UI sound being annoying :(. And it is the same for both themes - it wasn't there before.
  7. 1. I would like to be able to choose 1 pet for 1 warframe like it is possible with sentinels. I get why there are stasis - because of breeding and overflow, but my idea is that you need only 1 active pet from each type. So please, would it be possible to have another tab in pet UI where would be listed our active pets in each category we have unlocked? and have stasis for all the "duplicates". This way I could have Raksa for my Oberon, Sunika for my headshot build, Sahasa for someone with less energy etc. And also it would be great if those "active" pets could be in a pet's room and only 1 would be in that "working" place - like it is with sentinels. 2. could there be more of pets/patterns unlockable in the game? Like those animals we hunt - could we have their tenno version? Also more of furs unlockable in the game through gameplay - buying those feels so cheap, I would rather buy armors and unlock skins, but most of armors are not really cool.
  8. Jade skin may not be the best, but atleast if done a bit more extreme, it looks different than most of female warframes lately - Octavia or original Ivara had unique concepts, not just different messy materials on the same woman model. I really wish there would be more of disproportional models with cool idea behind matching what the warframe is about. For me it doesn't scream Equinox, but a good version of Khora Prime - only the material they showed in devstream today looks like tinfoil and what tinfoil has anything to do with hunter?
  9. I have setting for sounds to be legacy, but the new sounds for open menus and some other keys started to be there recently anyway. Would it be possible to remove it - because it feels uncomfortable for me? Or please add separate sliders, so I can turn it off. Thank you.
  10. Whoever wrote it is fixing exploits.... You are aware that whoever wanted to hoard this had to craft it, so he needed to fish all the smaller fishes, so there was no exploit. Also old players do have the baits ready for any need, so it will affect only new players who will not have materials for crafting, making plains even less attractive to go to. spending rep on buying baits feels like wasting your time. Also the whole time mobs are constantly targeting you, so you can waste your bait, also it can spawn small fish too far away in the sea. It looks like DE don't like fishers anymore, all the speeches about how they are excited - now everyone has to kill minimum amount of mobs if you want to enjoy this game... EDIT: OK I was thinking about it more and I'm glad I have found a different reason for this change: I guess it was meant for players who don't like fishing to buy the bait for rep and fishers should fish small fishes as before and turn it for rep, then buy the bait. It is a bit more expensive now, but still doable I guess. But for me it just feel bad - because I'm really bored with doing bounties only, then a few more things but for very low cost. I'm just exhausted from plains. the solution would be really to have both - for rep for those who don't want to fish smaller fishes (which you would fish anyway because you don't need too many of them) and for players who want to prepare their bait would be the previous version, now it feels gamy, before it felt like really fishing. But maybe it is not really such a big deal.
  11. Just when I started to be a bit more positive about DE...
  12. I like the lore behind and focus on a planet, but players already disliked dailies in other games, where wasn't another grind even, just force login reasons. But in Warframe I agree with those who say that for them it was about - it is grindy, but I will take my time how and when I will do it. and that is gone now. Now it is not just grindy, it is another whip tool from other games - timed forced wasting of time doing content which has nothing new to offer and I don't feel like doing it. I liked old alerts because it was a different feel - wait for what you want and get it - from the rest of the game. Now it is reworked to another syndicate grind, but timed with whip of loosing progress. I get the problem that there are empty planets and no reason to go there, but I'm not sure if forcing players is the right way - I feel that as a terror and that is sad - is that what you wanted? To let you know my reasons - why I don't play Venus Fortuna? Because I still didn't finish your previous Eidolon planes and I had technical issues in Fortuna. Also I don't feel like doing snowy plane during winter :p So if I take your reasons - send players to a different planet than is his favourite, to have planet theme for a month and to ENCOURAGE them not force them to do something more daily - what if you will lower your expectations/demands from player and instead make more of the planet story behind and make that really a month trip through a planet with those rewards staying for longer or have less of them for a month? You have around 18 planets, which some of them could be left out - that is 1 planet for a month with around 13 nodes, so that means 1 node per 2/3 days. Now it is Saturn - escaped grineer prisoners from grineers. if they are everywhere, it is not interesting, and it cannot be too deep, but maybe this will be an inspiration. So lets say one of the nodes will be close to that prison and there the trip would begin with some % chance they will appear - spy node to search for them, defense node to defend from their attack, etc, which would require voice over and maybe different skin of grineer enemies. maybe you could even chose if you would help them instead and make grineers angry. this way players always played more during events, so instead of bigger syndicate/planes grind, why not make a longer event? EDIT: And I stopped to be interested in the game after you made Khora to be impossible to get with excuses about drop list and no quest after me and some other players complained about Nidus and Harrow grind, asking you not to do it again... So I guess this is your answer to anything - You don't want to do it? You dare to complain ? We will force you to do it... Instead of dealing with the problem you caused yourself (at least in my case) I wouldn't need any daily to play...
  13. I still don't know how to use text in captura, so it will be just the picture from me. I was thinking about something like: I'm your new stalker, or something like that - nothing original really. The best about this contest is to see all the entries anyway :).
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