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  1. The thing is my friend, atlas lack a lot in terms of survivability and being an asset to his squad in my opinion. Firstly, his base hp is not enough to utilize his armour. He need more health to cope with that. Second, you spend more time healing him through his rubble rather than stacking up your armour unless an until you have a lot of spawn. In solo situations, the spawn is not enough for atlas to maintain his survivabilty through rubble even with the use of enemy radar. The only place he can potentially keep up to a certain extent is void fissure and he has a hard time in a t4 fissure once the enemy goes up to level 75+ in the void specifically where you have healers countering your landslide damage. The nullifiers create hindrances for his rumblers and petrify. Lastly, using a using a high efficiency build along with high ranges makes you sacrifice either your total ehp or your power strength. In order to quickly kill mobs you need decent power strength in order for the meele mods to benefit landslide. Low base value for power strength does affect his total dps in terms of landslide and rumblers. I supported the kit alterations for Atlas suggested by BlachWolf because I saw it generating some breathing room for atlas. You don't necessarily need energy pad or health pads to keep atlas functioning with his take on the buffs. It makes him sortie viable because in his current state this frame is sub par at best for sorties. Enemy modifiers take a toll on his total utility and so does the overall high level enemy damage and armour values. He starts falling of faster than most of our frames in these situations. I want this frame to be a front line tank for his squad and not chicken out when the enemy level starts to increase. His title suggests he the titan lord of stone. This description should not be limited to the title but to his actual performance as well. I hope this clarifies what I meant. I never considered your comment to be a form of disrespect and I hope my words don't create that notion either. Thank you.
  2. I love it! The 90% damage reduction by increasing his armour makes him viable for sortie level content. I personally think he needs more health to utilize this feature but your overall suggestion will boost the frame towards the respectable category. The tectonics replacement is also a good idea. The current variant is indeed useless. And lastly, if somehow DE agrees to let us deal status proc to petrified enemies even if the duration is halved, this will be an incredible form of utility for atlas. Great ideas bro! I would really like to see them in game!
  3. One of the the Nidus deluxe skin bug only tends to occur with primary weapons. Rifles and shotguns being the main culprits. Bows and spear weapons don't seem to cause this glitch. The glitch makes Nidus's left arm mutation to bend backwards from its original position. I haven't checked if the bug occurs with arc weapons but please take a look into it. The second visual bug with the deluxe skin involves the blood sigil. The sigil tend to cover the areas where the mutation armour would appear after the mutation. So the blood stains are visible where the mutation should be even if nidus hasn't mutated yet. The tennogen bug is minor. While viewing the star chart, nidus tends to mutate a little, the arms and the back tend to open up ( I am assuming this is how nidus might appear after the 8th mutation stack in a mission). I would really appreciate it if these bugs are catered to in the next hotfix. Thank you.
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