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  1. I sometimes get rivens that have challenges that says to kill X (usually around 8 ) animals with a fishing spear and I'm having plenty of trouble finding good wild animal spawns in the Plains of Eidolon. Does anyone have any good strategies for quickly finding wild animal spawns?
  2. I am finding killing 150 enemies with a specific element to be too many to warrant a daily slot. That many or maybe 200 would warrant a weekly slot, but not a daily slot. Thanks
  3. This is my least favorite challenge because of the friend limitations and it's buggy and poorly implemented into the game as it currently stands. If a host migration happens while you're doing this challenge, you're screwed. Oh yeah, apparently only the host gets credit for doing the challenge for some reason 😕 and it only works on first playthrough of the sortie (no redoing the sortie missions - you can't get credit).
  4. got the same thing when doing a riven. Its showing the file location of the text file that is supposed to contain the text to be displayed presumably because the text itself it missing
  5. On my first attempt at today's Sortie 1, the payload got stuck at where extraction should have occurred and everyone freaked out that it broke so after the host leaves, all that happened is that the payload became invisible. I PM'd the host later and told him the player that the host migration caused the payload to become invisible... and I got quite a "lol" response back. This appears to be a one-off event but I found this bug to be hilarious anyways so I wanted to post this. With that said, I saved the EE file containing this event in case it becomes necessary
  6. you can use archguns in melee only sorties
  7. does this fix simulor picking up ayatan stars?
  8. With how absurdly strong kitguns already are, are we going to see an event similar to Plague Star that introduces more kitgun parts/arcanes? I'm worried that such an event would introduce power creep to a weapon type that is already overpowered. Do you have any concrete information about how Rivens will be readjusted in the future? Please don't leave us in limbo for like eight months in a row without a riven adjustment. Also, any info on when sentinel weapon rivens will become obtainable by players? These and Primed chamber possibly being sold for tens of thousands of plat is unacceptable. And the obligatory "How is Melee 3.0 going" question will also be asked here. Thanks in advance
  9. Ok let me be clear. If we have to gamble our own vent kid standing just to participate in the races that's totally not fair. Especially if it somehow affects the way daily standing cap is calculated. At the very most, we should only be wagering a small amount of credits IF there is any form wagering to be had.
  10. I noticed while walking around Fortuna there's a lot of dead space. Do you have any plans to make use of such dead space such as this place that looks like a possible potential future shop?
  11. Do you have any plans to remove our pumpkin heads now?
  12. Do you have any immediate plans to expand the Vox Solaris syndicate? At current it's useless unless you want to craft a few operator cosmetics. EDIT: Do you have any plans to actually make Garuda craftable without obtaining the rank of Cove with Solaris United? It literally takes a week just to gain the standing IF you're MR 25/26. Good luck getting the standing in a reasonable amount of time if you're MR 12
  13. Knowing how the release of Plains of Eidolon went, I wonder if waiting until Thursday or Friday will cause many DE employees to work extra this weekend. 🤔
  14. My primary concern coming in is I don't want Garuda's kit to end up outclassing Valkyr and make Valkyr seeing less play as a result.
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