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  1. Can you tell us if you want to change the fact that veil enemies drop only zekti parts? I am also finding that the repair auras found on certain grineer ships to be too harsh. I would like the repair aura to be either nerfed or denoted by a mechanism similar to arbitration drones so that the players can prioritize the enemies that are causing heavy on the field repairs?
  2. Are there any plans to introduce easy to implement quality of life changes to Kuva Liches? I get that Empyrean is your primary focus, but you can't completely ignore other aspects of the game that are still awful. A very easy to implement change for example would be to disallow Liches from taxing sortie missions like shown here. That would make me very happy.
  3. Why do you still let kuva liches steal your sortie rewards? 😠
  4. This has probably been said a million times but can you please make the Kuva Liches not tax your sortie rewards? In this case, my lich stole 445 out of my 6000 kuva that I got as my sortie reward 😢
  5. The biggest problem I'm seeing after killing 30 liches is that engaging in the kuva lich system feels more like I'm playing as a bounty hunter rather than it playing out as me trying to kill villains who personally get out of their way to make my life miserable.
  6. Can you make it so that you can search your giant lich collection with keywords such as search by weapon, element, etc?
  7. I have had a thrall spawn in an unreachable position in a tile on the ceres industrial tileset
  8. I liked that thralls were dropping the mods themselves though 🤣
  9. Grendel is so fat he gets stuck inside the pop up terminals you have to hack while doing Pavlov, Lua.
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