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  1. Sorry I need it so I can go talk to my doc about depression stuffs
  2. On a scale from 1 to a Hydroid loot farm. How many tentacles were involved? A tentacle wash sounds like it would be nice.
  3. For what? Existing outside the singular timezone, how dare you 😛
  4. Nah it's midnight, midnight everywhere, there can only be one time zone!
  5. Note to self, in destroying the human's ability to reproduce you destroy their gender 🤣 Also a lot of our gendered language towards vehicles and certain objects comes from other languages that build English and how they assigned gender to many words. In this example Navis is the Latin word for ship and is considered a feminine word. The origin of the word warframe though has no such connotations. -In Latin war-frame is Bellum-frame. Bellum meaning war is neutral noun and frame is not gendered. They/them/their is neutral language. People will use it unwittingly and it probably has n
  6. If it's fancy stuff then yeah... Clothes are expensive I don't even have fitting clothes at this point just all baggy stuff. Good for winter though.
  7. Everyone is American and a dude on the internet
  8. Is this the mysterious bathroom police I keep hearing about?
  9. #*!% this week in particular.
  10. On me, I'm fine though, thanks 🙂 The lock is unrelated
  11. Replacing bandages and fixing a lock has been the highlights of my day.
  12. Apparently I can recommend something that removes a brain but depends on how you feel about body hair and a lot of other stuff
  13. I'm trying not to be bored to death by training videos but this quote just brings so many unnecessary questions that I've lost focus
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