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  1. Yeah as this video shows if everyone is happy, healthy, and creative in their isolation everything will be fine, right? right? RIGHT!? It's not like humans (social creatures) are facing an unprecedented event of isolation. Many of which don't know what to do with them selves. There has already been a massive increase in both suicides and people asking for psychological assistance. It's not like people have pre existing health and mental conditions which can no longer be cared for effectively. It's not like most people have a delicate balancing act of work and income which has now been obliterated. It's not like there are still people and children in tense to abusive relations with no way of escaping now. It's not like foreign students are being laid off and told by the Prime Minister to go home mid-semester, many to countries where they cannot access their university's website and thus their resources, online classes and tools. It's not like there are poor and homeless people being deprived of essential supplies by high and middle class people panic buying unnecessarily. It's not like there has been a large spike in racism towards anyone vaguely east asian. It's not like America is currently trying to pass an anti-encryption law. It's not like a fascist dictator has been declared for Hungary because the elections were suspended. He immediately turned around and removed rights for trans people. It's not like there is a relief hospital set up in NY square by a religious group that have their volunteers sign a "statement of faith" which says that LGBT+ people are fake and are going to burn in hell. It's not like the state of Idaho just signed off on two anti-transgender bills. It's not like those trying to help are receiving death threats, having rocks thrown at them, or have a deranged train engineer try to launch a train at a relief ship. Do you not get it? Everything is on the line at the moment, everything is in suspense. You can run with your idea that it's the media's fault for agitating people, or aggravating them into buying toilet paper. I don't give a S#&$. By the end of this; people will have lost homes many have already lost jobs, there will be children under educated, some people may no longer have the right to exist where they are, and many will be dead not just from the virus. So I am sorry. It is a stressful situation for everyone and we should be trying to support each other. I don't need someone running around going; 'IT'S THE MEDIA AND NON CHILL PEOPLE AT FAULT'. People are stressed, a lot are at risk, telling people to just chill won't help. You need to talk, be supportive, and try to understand what they are going through.
  2. Tell them they can pay you extra for your taxi service especially during a pandemic.
  3. I require papers for your approved hopping
  4. Update on the previous story:
  5. Stay, one of them may have a crush on you.
  6. Everyone goes into quarantine for a couple of days and it turns out no one is hetro.
  7. In less viral news (ha) I have a change of name certificate. I can use this to annoy a branch teller as I request the change of name documents for 4-5 different id's/licenses.
  8. Discord friend got another person's flu and ended up with pneumonia. No one will see them because Covid scare.
  9. Welcome to manhood. I lack knowledge of this area but you can no longer give compliments because you obviously only want da sex.
  10. Just have a stupidly high tolerance. The only time I got close to being drunk was multiple glasses of rakija (croatian moonshine) which was meant to shot, apparently. Can't have alcohol now though. Either the combined efforts of my antiboyotic and the alcohol will kill my liver or the alcohol will cancel the drugs.
  11. Under the laws of my territory. I could have used the toilets aligning with my "gender identity" immediately. It would be considered discrimination to prevent me. However I have no where near that amount of confidence and I'm not going to start a legal fight over a toilet. Also continued concern for other people. ❤️ Thank you. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't of said anything ❤️
  12. Update: So instead of disabled bathrooms they've allowed me to use the female restrooms. Which is awesome... I guess. Still concerned about other people but I now have the backing of management if anything occurs. Also got my name changed on all non-legal documents. My supervisors are going around telling people to use that name. Yesterday would of been great if I hadn't been delirious from lack of sleep.
  13. All right, reported the incidences to my supervisor. Hopefully should be able to use disabled rooms which are gender neutral.
  14. It's been three incidences so far which are fairly easy to keep track of. In terms of self defence my biggest threat is muscular atrophy. I do know some stuff but would be screwed in a contest of strength.
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