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  1. Chicken BBQ with Pesto Aioli is best pizza.
  2. I have blisters, on my blisters, on my heels. Life is pain.
  3. A chance to have an open chat on the forums without specified topic boundaries. Bragging rights.
  4. One must first bake themselves to know the secrets of Bakewell. From what I gather the cow is just pampered, specific grooming to make them fluffy.
  5. The problem with that is our latest enemies the zealot heralds and proselytizers. From the transmission they infect them selves with spores by rushing into derelicts, yet they still maintain a human shape. If this new group can control the virus to still maintain a human shape imagine what an advanced; cloning, mass-producing, void manipulating, sentient making, gold loving civilization could of done with it. It's not that far of a stretch to imagine that a scientist at the top of this civilization could manipulate the virus into maintaining a human shape for the purpose of creating warriors to fight the sentients. Then it's just a matter of slapping your now genocidal mutant into a suit for children to control. Switching gender around in that process would be unnecessary and very unlike the Orokin who desire perfection in their image, and needed warriors as fast as possible.
  6. I've become obsessed with min-maxing Wisp I just need another transient fortitude drop to finish min-maxing. So far I've given it both an umbral and aura forma. Currently with/without growing power I can get 67 - 72% Haste, 101 - 109% Health for 64sec with two umbral mods. A complete umbral set brings things up another 2% but greatly costs my duration mods. Now with the effects of reactant (which can't be simulated in the simulacrum) this jumps to 145% Haste and 202% Health, I become a god. The unfortunate things are the lack of specific frames hanging around in public like a Rhino to boost me or a Harrow to force Haste upon while using penance. I also can't wait to put Haste on a Gauss.
  7. A few more and with our powers combined this thread will have one whole dom.
  8. Anti-fascism HK: Take over gov building, apologise, ask for open dialogue with opposition. "Anti-"fascism US: Throw a concrete milkshake at someone with differing opinions. Can't wait hear what's going to happen in the UK.
  9. It's the foreign farm boy aesthetic. Mine try to cosy up to me as some sort of safe spot.
  10. Strike the Forums until LPW is unlocked. It'll be a sad loss of 5 forum members and a squirrel.
  11. Nah it's got to have that personal touch, and rewording Vor's rant would take effort.
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