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  1. Anyone else do a deep dive into Japan's recent royal abdication only to find out; Reiwa is a real estate website for Western Australia, and the Hurdy Gurdy was once a religious instrument.
  2. Arguing before Netflix and chill.
  3. They sound like a rectal.... cistern, gorge, window, lacuna, foramen (one of the several oval or circular openings in the base of the skull). -Thesaurus for hole.
  4. Just wait till companies start harvesting your dreams for ideas o.0 Then forcing ads into your dreams because to stop viewing ads while asleep is a luxury.
  5. #ittybittybuttclub #flatbuttjustice Honestly though we probably won't get a lot of changes because it would require remodeling every skin. Excal could probably be done due to little detail around the butt area. Frames like Nidus or Rhino would be a bit harder due to keeping the detail and changing shape. It may also look awkward if you change the shape or increase the size but the hips and everything else doesn't change. We could just name Wisp a male. Then possibly reignite a controversy in the mod and community relations 😄
  6. What is the ratio of dependency across all fields of humanity? What is a suitable biological range of difference for humans to survive and thrive? Since animals are biologically different, can humans survive and thrive with just Stalker_Cake's cat? I demand handwritten paper studies!
  7. The dots points sound highly questionable. Though overall it makes sense. There are various studies that say women have higher pain tolerances, better immune response, and even genetically closer to their parents than their male counterparts. Basically females be like the stable brick houses of nature. Males are like that house nature tried to make after learning about designer architecture. It may be unstable but boy does it bring diversity to the neighborhood.
  8. Thanks for the work you've done for the community. You expect the worst then *bam* onion ninjas.
  9. I think you can find that in this video.
  10. The last S is always "sweep the leg". The fire will never see it coming.
  11. I'm still me. At least... I think so... The last time was for the funeral of Masterani.me.
  12. Venetian Carnival contest in a nutshell: I want so many of them.
  13. I swear the removed pages were mentioned before, I think it was like 30 probably increased since then. Searching through this topic is always fun though. Verdict owes us a lot of stuff and we need to take RPL's comment to the next 133rd page for reasons.
  14. If DE are trying to make a better in-game social space then why would they ever force people to use secondary or third party applications. That would go against what they are trying to accomplish with an immediate social space like region chat. It wouldn't matter how temporary, it would move players off the platform. What currently exists is an open space with a rule of being respectful. A players helping players chat would limit people to only questions and answers. With the current chat system it would look like a jumbled mess of random questions and answers. DE can try to fix that with time gates on each question but it would slow chat, reduce answers, and result in less helping overall. So they make it like trade chat, post a question and hope someone messages you. Which is basically region chat without the social aspect. If this chat was to replace region chat it would only serve to increase bans. People would continue act the same while other players get more frustrated due to the lack of a space to freely talk.
  15. So while region chat is disabled/removed DE is thinking and taking their time. Where are the people meant to go that use region chat? Discord perhaps? Forcing people to use a third party just to socialize. If a new player walks during this time are they expected to jump into a clan, forums, discord to be able to socialize? You yourself say they are trying to make a "social space" but you don't see a problem with a new chat being non-sociable.
  16. Taking it offline would destroy any semblance of a social space. Multiple regions are hard to maintain sure but these weekly reports are only a snap shot of what is being moderated/worked on by the third-party. It doesn't show the majority of what is going on, only that which is notable. To say region is a definitive failure and needs to be removed is rash at this point. Especially since it's the first time they've had an unbiased team to moderate all parties. If they were to replace region chat I'd say go with a global chat to keep things more centralized. If it was to be a players helping players chat, moderation would only get more restrictive pushing out the social aspect of an open chat space.
  17. Both would make great band names. The Dik Tits then we can play heavy metal into battle.
  18. Excellent now I need someone to start a Dik-Dik clan. However most the names mostly start with a possessive name; Gunther's Dik-Dik, Rick's Dik-Dik, Salt's Dik-Dik. Things are going to get really weird, really fast. Introductions will be fun though.
  19. As the resident Australian, you would have to be pretty ferocious to be called magpies in space. Bin Chickens in Space (Ibis) Booby's in Space. Then have every member rename to a bird from Sulidae family. 'Our designers Red-Footed Booby and Blue-Footed Booby. Stealth specialist Masked Booby, and clan leader Abbot's Booby.
  20. Gnarled: adjective: gnarled knobbly, rough, and twisted, especially with age. "the gnarled old oak tree" synonyms: knobbly, knotty, knotted, gnarly, lumpy, bumpy, nodular, rough; Gnarly: adjective: gnarly; comparative adjective: gnarlier; superlative adjective: gnarliest 1. gnarled. 2. informal•North American difficult, dangerous, or challenging. "he'd taken a fall during a particularly gnarly practice session" unpleasant or unattractive. "stations can be pretty gnarly places" very good; excellent. "I hope you have a wicked and totally gnarly day!" Why America, why?
  21. Newest entry to the Anno series by Ubisoft. It's like Civ meets Age of Empires. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-02-05-industrial-revolution-city-builder-anno-1800-sets-its-open-beta-for-april
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