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  1. Um, shield restoration(for MAG anyway) is still instant, and the cast animation is one handed, so casting midair is no issue. You can also still move while casting. This part of her ability wasn't changed, it only changed how it affected allies, and not MAG herself.
  2. MAG is better off for her changes overall. No, she can't nuke lvl 1,000,000 Corpus now, but she can destroy anything that is not infested. The Polarize augment was only good when it scaled off of shields removed, and they changed that almost immediately. Once that was gone any overshield augment was better, because they affected the team, like Volt or Trinity.
  3. This sounds pretty interesting.
  4. I don't go pastel, but green, purple, and orange are my favorite colors, and in that order. Perhaps I should show you my MAG Prime. 😉
  5. I can't do melee hardly at all right now, not just Hysteria. Not sure what to do.
  6. Actually, it doesn't just mix the two colors, unless it changed in a recent patch. I use MAG Prime with green and purple energy. The Polarize bubble looks purple when looking through it, but where it intersects with the environment it is green. It looks pretty cool. The Magnetize bubble is green on the outside with purple glow nearer to the center. Khora's chain abilities I have with pink and white, the chains are pink, while the energy coming off of them is white. I'm guessing many abilities work this way with the new system.
  7. If you think MAG and Volt are only useful at low levels then you are doing something wrong. Nyx is just overshadowed by other better CC frames. She does have an augment that can make her practically immortal though.
  8. This. I'm regularly getting top damage and kills, and with her Counter Pulse augment I CC practically everyone but infested. MAG was my starter, and if you take her and MAG Prime I have probably 60% of my playtime on them.
  9. I personally want to toggle the armor off. If they let us do that I would certainly be happy.
  10. There is, it makes press use, and hold swap. However, this option doesn't work the same on all frames. Khora gets hold to use while press to swap while pretty much everyone else I've used gets the other option.
  11. A recent post said they plan on fractures happening twice a week. So thermia running low shouldn't be much of an issue.
  12. We got Exploiter Orb down to her last bit, and then the thermia fractures all disappeared. I also got some weird bugs with being locked to secondary only, and this weird issue at the end with experience. I wasn't using Excal, but he shows up at the bottom. o.O
  13. They used to put Reindeer antlers on all of the Grineer for Christmas, and bunny ears for Easter, and Jack O'Lanterns for Halloween. I kind of miss that actually.
  14. I use a Steam controller on PC so I also want gyro aim on Switch.
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