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  1. Cerebrum123

    Rattleguts Not interacting with Mag's bubble

    It used to be level 200+ would die walking into it, and much higher could be destroyed by the explosion in one hit. Magnetize also used to destroy Nullifier shields on contact instead of the other way around.
  2. Cerebrum123

    What I would change on Khora

    If you are going to make it so she can't switch her appearance when using the ability, then let us change it in our loadout. I don't always like the default spikes, and often prefer the blades on her healing stance.
  3. Cerebrum123

    Rattleguts Not interacting with Mag's bubble

    I actually miss when beam weapons were the best for Magnetize. It was a bit overpowered, but was fun seeing hundreds of millions of damage from a single bubble.
  4. Cerebrum123

    Mag Quality of life changes.

    I like the pull idea with kills counting for it when pulled into a magnetize bubble. Another thing I would suggest is a new passive. It is extremely easy to get a Sentinel really early, and no longer need Mag's bullet jump vacuum. Not sure what to put in its place. Maybe something to do with deflecting bullets? Right now Polarize shards are pretty worthless in all situations I've seen. Maybe increase the synergy with magnetize, and make it so pull can bring them to a nearby magnetize bubble. Or, make it so depending on how many shards are nearby, your power cast increases in power for all shards in range of the ability.
  5. Cerebrum123

    Its past time we got a dedicated augment slot

    They also said no to vacuum on pets, no removing zoren coptering, and a lot of other things. Originally they weren't going to remove the fact that kubrows and kavats die without the genetic stabilizers, and because they intended them to have that drawback. They said no to a mod slot for stuff that is purely utility, and now we have exilus adapters. They also said no to increased stats on primed warframes, because they were merely meant to be status symbols. There are plenty of examples of systems they said they weren't going to change things that limited us, but did so anyway due to player feedback.
  6. Cerebrum123

    Its past time we got a dedicated augment slot

    It was a long time ago, but they did explicitly say so. They said Warframe's engine could never handle it, so we wouldn't ever get it.
  7. Cerebrum123

    What I would change on Khora

    If enemies didn't start swinging around like they were on an amusement park ride the ability would be fine IMO. Just change it so they are pulled to their spot, and stay there.
  8. Cerebrum123

    Amp Info Should Come BEFORE Sacrifice

    Doesn't it make you restart when you go in without your Warframe for the 1 on 1 fight?
  9. Cerebrum123

    UI broken with Steam controller support on

    Well, I was actually able to initiate trades yesterday. I haven't had any friend requests lately, anyone able to check if it is working for them?
  10. It took me a couple years, sigh.
  11. Well, you earn parts for the Vandal version of the Imperator, and not doing the mission enough results in a destroyed relay.
  12. Cerebrum123

    UI broken with Steam controller support on

    Right now they've got recurring issues with controller support, and especially SC support. I know they use other studios to help with console ports, maybe they could borrow a few of those people, and bring them to the PC version to help streamline things, and improve the QoL of controller users on PC? I would think this would potentially make things better for when they do work on console certifications. They've broken things beyond the norm with SC support. It's to the point where I think there would be less issues if they hadn't added official SC support. They have been doing better with normal controllers, so I'll give them credit there.
  13. Cerebrum123

    UI broken with Steam controller support on

    They thought it important enough to put in native Steam Controller support, and they have this game on three separate consoles. If consistent controller support wasn't important, then they shouldn't have done those things. Overall I respect DE, but I think this is one area in which they are sorely lacking. Oh, there is the one issue of not being able to accept invites, which was for a short time fixed, but now is back. Having that happen is very frustrating. The fact it's now affecting trades, and group invites makes things even more frustrating.
  14. Cerebrum123

    UI broken with Steam controller support on

    I made a separate thread about this, because I didn't see this one. There are lots of issues, and DE needs to step up their SC support. That, and stop breaking configs that work with new updates.
  15. Cerebrum123

    Controller UI Broken.

    DE, I have a lot of respect for you as a company, but you really need to stop breaking controller support with most updates. With a somewhat recent one that changed the dojo UI, I can no longer be the one to initiate a trade request. I can't accept friend requests sent by others, I can't click player names to do anything like invite to group from the recruiting channel. I'm using the Steam Controller, but I'm seeing other people with other controller types having some of the same issues. It wouldn't even be so bad if I could just use my keyboard and mouse to do what the game won't let the controller do, but that doesn't work either. Oh, and the current fishing UI, as opposed to the original has forced me to change my bindings to make sure Power Menu is assigned at all times, and to make sure to use A, B, and X are assigned directly, instead of using the actual in game actions menu. I've had to remake my configuration around 30 or more times due to updates breaking it. Like all of a sudden my A button automatically activates twice on a single button press, or back when Chains of Harrow launched I couldn't interact with the cards. Please put some more resources behind keeping Steam controller, and general controller support stable.