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  1. They are probably going to put in a new system in The Duviri Paradox. I expect operators will also be more necessary then too. Still interesting to think of new ideas for this system though.
  2. Aw man, now that Vidar Mk 3 I scrapped is just gone for nothing. Sigh, still, this looks good. Anyone looking at the controller and Steam controller bugs? I want to be able to use my tactical menu from the pilot seat without having to exit and re enter every time I want the game to go back to normal controls rather than menu controls.
  3. Other than Railjack piloting all of my settings are at 0 for sensitivity, and the SC handles the rest. It's motion sickness inducing when I get in slingshot, or turrets.
  4. This is true, and I've been asking DE to do better controller support since I joined the game way back at around 2014(?) or so.
  5. Depleted Reload was pretty much a bandaid mod for those who wanted to use Primed Chamber on Vectis Prime, and have every shot get the extra damage. Yeah, it wasn't, and still isn't a good idea.
  6. Wait, you use both power menu, and the d-pad power select? I would change out left and right d-pad to something else if I were you.
  7. With some tweaking I've fixed everything in my configuration* but the issue in the OP, and the one where you access the tactical menu from a pilot or gunner seat, and it not switching back out of menu configuration when done. *Well, everything I care to do again. I haven't fixed needing the power menu to change bait in fishing, or the lure for wildlife conservation.
  8. Ok, well, this probably sounds bad, but I'm kind of glad it isn't a controller only issue.
  9. Whenever I get in the pilot "seat" since the newest update my sensitivity will go down(and drastically so) randomly after a few second piloting the ship. It isn't consistent on when it does so either. I use a Steam Controller, which has several other issues in Railjack, but a friend of mine using an Xbox One controller gets the same issue.
  10. I've played most content with Mag while using only like 2 of those mods on her. I've also done +100 lvl content with her. Redirection(experimental build with Primed Vigor is undergoing testing) and Intensify are the only two on his list I use on my current build.
  11. She's extremely powerful. She's also got a great deluxe skin.
  12. I try to group up with my friends to trade in my clan dojo, but I end up in a separate instance than them, and can't trade or see them. They can see each other, but can't see me. Going on a Railjack fixed it the other day, but not today. Going to other dojo's works, but not the one I own. They are members of my dojo too.
  13. Untrue, I've had lvl 8 stuff better than llvl 30 stuff, and lvl 30 stuff better than lvl 60 stuff.
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