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  1. I'm sorry I wasn't clear - it's _my_ goal. I got all the mastery there was, then they released more stuff. I continued to get the mastery, they continued to make more stuff. We all have goals and things we like to do in a game - it helps drive the experience. Why am I doing this? because xyz. It's ok, no-one is forcing me to play, rest easy. It's just my way of expressing my goal. With an attempt at a slightly humerous tone that got lost in translation.
  2. There's nothing optional about mastery when you've played for years and hit MR28 and want to keep up 🙂 Would be nice if these weapons were indeed unique - I'll concede that a couple of them are. I just got the Kuva Tonkor, and it seems to be uniquely interested in shooting projectiles through the map. On host. Forgive my crankiness for not using my normal brain thingy as I would do after more coffee. A girl should know better.
  3. I very much regret my actions, I was bored, I didn't pay enough attention, this is on me. It's not the games fault (aside from not showing me a popup, perhaps it was in the wall), What I am trying to say it would be super if the option that DE previously mentioned, to get rid of a lich, was implemented. I hope you enjoy and laugh at the grind, I'm just way past that point now. Between this and the wall of Intrinsics, I'm struggling to find fun in the game at all, but forgive me for venting that I managed to add on hours more to an already dull grind for weapons that I don't enjoy. I like these suggestions - I would be fine with any of this.
  4. Sadly it's a Chakuur at 57% already - I even have a riven for it, but I really do not like it. Doesn't help that the only missions I do these days are Lich missions so all the enemies are scaled to oblivion and no weapons seem to give me a feeling of power any more. But that aside, yes I guess it's my fault that I was stealth killing things and stealth killed the larvling without taking due note that it was, in fact, a larvling, and didn't see the popup about a weapon because it was next to a wall perhaps? I admit I didn't see a downside of adding a "get rid of it" option til someone here mentioned ephemera - I've never seen a ephemera on a Lich yet, so it would never occur to me that that was a thing. But I guess that's more of the rng on rng on rng we just have to deal with now.
  5. Parazon parazon parazon... I've done nothing but parazon thralls for days. I just parazoned a larvling that definitely did not show me a popup about a weapon, and now I'm stuck with hours of dull grind for a weapon I already have. I honestly hate this system so very much, I'm never doing these things again once I get the weapons (if you'll ever stop putting more and more of them behind massive grind walls), please just let me opt-out of a specific Lich! I realize all the devs are likely very busy and it would take time to implement and you're probably all busy with other things... but please don't drop this idea. I don't see how it's any different as a concept to opt-in larvlings. If they actually do show weapons over their heads, that is. I'm 3500 hours invested over many years, but this past year has lead to so much dull grind I'm losing all the love I used to have for the game.
  6. Icons are great and unique images for different items are fine, but can you stop and consider just how many mods and resources exist in the game, and how quickly new players can pick up on what those icons mean? Even veterans have trouble - avionics for Railjack at launch (it's mildly improved now, but only mildly), the whole Parazon mod guessing game UI with colors that change depending on your UI theme, so when someone tells you that you have a match when it's blue and you only have white and thought that the line meant "yes, I got it, scratch that one off the list", etc. I moused over different engines in Railjack to look at stats - no, you don't mouse-over any more, now you tab. And when you click on it the numbers on the right change! Great, now I click on a different engine, then back to the first... the numbers are not the same? Why is an engine affecting turret heat capacity? I swear my teammates are sick of hearing "I'm so confused" over the mic. I don't have time to spend hours looking at whether things are better or worse by looking at one, then the other, then back to the first, then trying to remember which was which because the icons for each engine are the same, and if you scrap one then the others all move so you gotta go back and look at them individually again. Give me information. Give me stats on-screen so I can compare without having to use a notebook! (seriously I have a big letter-sized notebook full of stats of things I had to write down because you keep hiding information.) I appreciate too much can be overwhelming, so maybe just give me engine stats when comparing engines and ignore the whole of the rest of the Railjack stats? I am an early adopter of all things, so I'm used to things moving when I update an operating system, or an IDE, or a tool. I may have a bit of a learning curve, but the stuff usually turns up and I can get on with it. Warframe seems to be moving to the "hide everything by default!" mentality, which is driving me nuts because the way to find more information is not consistent and insufficient. tldr; I want stats, on screen. Or a consistent way to help me see, at-a-glance, which thing is better.
  7. I only see this now, buried the reply in a thread, no notification on Twitter, I scrapped my Vidar Reactors yesterday because they were lower in stats than the sigma reactor I had and I needed the dirac for my grid. Those are the only reactors I've picked up so far - I feel extremely angry and disappointed now 😞
  8. Dojo vault should be used when constructing things in the Dojo, right? No, apparently the Diodes and Carbide I put in for other clan members is wasted (for now - who knows what they'll be used for later). We're all used to building things in the Dojo using dojo materials first (and out of your own pocket second), whereas anything you build in your foundry on your ship always comes from your inventory - the difference isn't made clear.
  9. It's a valid accessibility issue - subtitles help clear up audio for spoken lines, but omitting a visual cue of any kind for caches does discriminate against hearing-impaired users. It would be nice if there was some visual cue - perhaps some sort of gleam at the side of the screen? some sort of small-but-not-invisible hud marker? It's where the sound team and the art / UI team need to coordinate for sure. Warframe has done a lot over the years to improve visibility for some aspects for visually-impaired users, but there's always more that could be done. You get my upvote, for what it's worth - I hope someone at DE feels up to the challenge of looking at this more.
  10. The UI for Murmur unlock is so head-scratching - is this really any better? I spent 30 minutes arguing with a friend because he had blue symbols and I had white, when it turns out that the random coloring comes from your UI theme. There's zero explanation of any of the elements, it reminds me of when the UI overhaul started and it was deemed "better" to remove all the labels from all your inventory - thank goodness for the toggle to turn those back on. This new UI is all very pretty, but can we please put some time into functional UI that has meaning? It's enough of a puzzle to maybe get relics that maybe unlock to get a mod that you _might_ need to vanquish a Lich or you might not, but who knows if it's in the right place? Am I supposed to think the diagonal line through a symbol is good or bad when it appears in the list of attempts to kill the Lich? There's a diagonal line here too - surely as I'm unlocking the mods and I see this symbol, it means I am supposed to see the diagonal line to appear as "I have successfully matched a mod for my Lich"... Apparently not, and the only way I know this is from Reddit so I'm taking that with a pinch of salt. Mission-critical UI shouldn't tie in so directly to your UI theme, and UI in general should be more clear.
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