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  1. This makes sense - though I do miss the old Dojo days where animations and network were much more like in-mission.. I guess because it was peer hosted instead of server. One small request - I bought the Dog Days Captura scene so I could take my Kavat to play with all the floofs, but I was so sad to discover the Kavat AI in that scene is the "attack enemy" AI instead of "kavat on ship cause trouble play with floofs" AI that I was hoping for. IF there was some way to change that, would be so awesome!
  2. I managed to complete it yesterday - discovered that pobbers only counted towards it once, even if all three were perfect captures. I switched to Virmink and had no issues - they're easy to hit with the tranq. I was playing on solo, so I don't know if that made a difference, but hope that helps.
  3. I tried to install Bootcamp on my mac to get Warframe running on it, and I know some people have done this successfully so if you have space on your hard drive it's worth a look. But it's not a simple process, and your mileage may vary - when I last attempted it, I was left with a PC partition in a very broken state without graphics driver support, which means I ended up with a 200Gb partition that was next to useless. When I travel for work I end up taking two laptops. It's never going to be my main gaming machine - I have my awesome PC and a Windows laptop - but damn the lack of mac support makes traveling through airports quite hilariously complicated.
  4. Any chance we can get Repeller systems via ANY means other than those bounties? Running bounty 2 multiple times a day for weeks begging for the RNG gods to grace me with a drop - I'm going crazy hearing the same voice lines over and over and over. I just want to rank up with Vox Solaris and I am completely blocked and utterly fed up right now.
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