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  1. i Just finished kuva flood mission and no requiem relic so still isnt fixed and how about that Adaptauoin MOD
  2. Thx for update but i didnt see that u mentioned that Adaptation mod is fixed( if you nerfed it just say so its realy dishonest if you just "broke " it and don't tell us)
  3. i only got 1 vasca imprint from my kavat then it was "cured " but it was stil glowing red and then i tried again and it said that do you want to make vasca imprint and i said yess and it did make a normal 1 so now my smeeta is "infected(red glow )" and i cant cure it edit : oh yeah and 1st imprint i took from my kavat was a normal 1 (it was infected) only the 2nd 1 was vasca imprint
  4. well i also got nothing and i watched the whole stream tho i watched it through chromecast (tho i have watched previous devstreams through chromecast an i have gotten drops)
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