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  1. I implore you to implement a block list feature so that people on one's ignore list cannot join each other's game. One could host a game and set it to 'Friends/Invite Only', but you can't meet potential friends very well that way. I've been playing Warframe since beta and it gets tiring when someone trolls the team or is verbally abusive. For instance, someone holds onto the datamass in a mobile defense and runs around with it or sits on top of the terminal and teabags it; hides out in a safe spot in a survival and moves around just enough to not get kicked for being idle or even just using up all the life supports; a Loki that switch teleports you and laughs and then does it again and again; the Nova that casts a wormhole down a tight corridor just as you're about to get through so you get sent back from where you came. The list goes on ad nauseum. Why are we supposed to accommodate these people and let them continually ruin our experience? Why should the non-aggressor have to leave just because the griefer can't contain their shenanigans? Such as the system is now, simply putting them on ignore isn't going to stop us from having to suffer them again. A vote kick option can be abused. Reporting someone may not work and even that can be used by a troll/griefer to fabricate 'evidence' with a little photoshop. A block list would ensure you never have to meet this person again. Thank you for your time.
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