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  1. Every time I have tried to login to Warframe since Hotfix 24.5.6, my game crashes immediately after logging in.

    I've managed to narrow this down to most likely being an issue with the game itself. I've tried switching to DirectX 10 from 11, reinstalling the game, and running the game both through Steam and independently. This isn't an issue with my PC as my Laptop has been running Warframe without issues for months, and every other game I have played since this started occurring has had no issues with launching. I have also run antivirus scans and all have come up clean. This also isn't an issue with my account, hence me posting this.

    Please let me know if you or someone you know is having this issue, as all the info I've gathered suggests this is an issue with the game yet I see no one else talking about it

    PC specs if it helps:


    Intel i7 2.2 GHz processor

    NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti

    16 GB of RAM


  2. Bumping this thread in hopes more people can offer their input

    A bit more info that might help:

    I tried reinstalling the game but that didnt work

    I normally run the game through steam so I'll try running it independently when i have time

    I ran an antivirus scan on my PC which came up clean

    This is most likely an issue with warframe itself seeing as how every other game I've tried to run since this started has worked perfectly fine

  3. Not sure if this belongs here, but every time I try to login since the latest hotfix, the game crashes immediately. It still registers as a login since the daily login reward screen only shows up once. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue and its not something wrong with my PC.

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