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  1. Oh.. right. Sorry, I had just returned to the game after a long break, and I didn't know about the catch up system..
  2. I'm rank 1 with them so I don't know the exact values, but from what I see on https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Solaris_United#Ranks it's actually 240k just to reach the last rank, and then another 132k to max it out.
  3. Wait, why do you only need 144k standing? If he's at rank 0 and has to progress through all the ranks, isn't that 240k standing? Or am I missing something?
  4. Elite should mean hard, not impossible. Elite should be something like "Kill an eidolon in under x minutes" not "Earn 235k standing with a faction in 7 days or less and then kill a boss", which is impossible even for a MR27 if they didn't bother with fortuna much, like I did. It's not a big thing, I know. There are no unique time-limited rewards locked behind this specific act, but it's unfair.
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