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  1. Unfortunately, much like me, almost all of my friends, real life and gaming, prefer to NOT use public forums for similar reasons such as myself. So that leaves me with me having to be the one to make the post.
  2. You're right, but there's also evidence of when you have other people supporting your attempts to overturn something like this, you're more likely to be successful, so sitting idly by may do more harm than good.
  3. Typical game companies also have a history of having false positives and not admitting fault when someone's banned because of one, and I'm believing this is a false positive. It does happen, whether fans of a game or company want to believe it or not. I understand not wanting to give cheaters the ability to adapt their techniques, but the majority of people who see these posts just want to jump to the conclusion that the player was in fact in the wrong, rather than actually believing that just maybe something else happened. It's a mindset I hate and is another one of the main reasons I avoid p
  4. 1. Thank you for giving a legitimate response. 2. That's just it--they didn't tell him what he did that was "cheating". Like I said, they gave no evidence, no information, no nothing. All that he got from the mod was that he "cheated". We both tried to get more information about it, but no one would give us anything. Coming to the forums is sort of my last resort, as I was fully expecting responses like the first three that I got on this post. I tend to avoid public forums because people tend to be less than unhelpful, but I really have no other alternative. I said exactly what occurred. He
  5. So I've tried contacting DE directly about this multiple times, along with my friend and here's basically what's happened: My friend got banned one day for "cheating", despite the fact that he was near max level, had more resources that he'd ever need, had almost every item in-game (save for the Founder's stuff), and had absolutely no reason to need or want to cheat in the game at all. He logged in one day when the Sentient Invasion event was going on and he and I were going to do the event some and he wanted to check some things first and hit up the Simulacrum real quick. He was on
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