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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this is the most ugly prime accessories pack ever? One prime suggatra (Already looking boring, extremely simple looking). One ugly helmet for Operators (seriously, it's a mess, what is even supposed to be??? Not even a full suit for Operators ). One alternative helmet for Mesa Prime... When we have way better Tennogen Helmets, we also have Mesa Deluxe helmet. What about the rest of our warframes fashion??? This is why I love prime armors / sigils, cause I can use them on every single one of my frames. I don't like the idea of prime accessories only usable on a single thing (we can excuse operator suits for obvious reasons), hope this is nothing more than a quick experiment and not something we will see more in the future. And here I believed Limbo Prime accessories where bad (Still can't forgive that prime cape that got smaller after taking it out of the washing machine), but this takes the cake. Seriously DE, you guys need to find someone else to give you ideas for prime accessories.
  2. Most of my rivens are average, so YEAH, this nerf was harsh. No, I refuse to play slot machine (Screw Riven Roll) just to get a good riven, I rather go to Las Vegas and actually get something there.
  3. I know the feel man, with the difference that I only bought unrolled rivens. Still, going to the grind and trying to get lucky only for your riven collection go to hell is not fun at all...
  4. Agreed, I also love my Vasto and the riven hardly helped, if anything it needs a buff.
  5. Why you do this?... Now I am mad. Most of my favorite weapons, nerfed, for real DE, WHAT THE HELL MAN? Also Nerf on the Vasto? WHY? if anything it needs a bloody buff. I might be one of the few that still likes to use Vasto Prime even if people crap on it. The riven hardly even help it at all. [ For the people that don't know, I refuse to roll over a gazillion times just to get a GOD riven, most of my Rivens are average with maybe a good one or two. Any tiny change will ruin the builds. DE, NO ONE likes farming your KUVA and NO ONE likes ROLLING Rivens. How about fix the CRAP Riven Roll System first then we talk about Riven Nerfs. ]
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