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  1. Dude, you need to chill out and have some delicious
  2. I would like a suit with spikes or skulls so I can roleplay as a evil tenno / cruel space pirate ninja (I have the eye patch) / Warp Champion of Khorne. I also want a pony tail hair cut if you don't mind... No, not that thing that it's in the game at the moment. I don't like how it looks (forgot the name, looks more like a samurai). And last but not least, an infested costume for our tenno could be awesome, it's not like they could infect us, might as well wear a cool infested costume.
  3. I am almost sure they will release Banshee Prime along with the new Orchestra Warframe. I mean seriously, it would be a waste of opportunity to not release 2 sound warframes at the same time. xD
  4. To be honest I have only bought only one warframe in my life and that is regular Nekros. Why, cause at the time I started to play the game more seriously and as my nickname goes, I love summoners / necromancers <3 That aside, every time I spend money on warframe it goes to weapon slots / warframe slots / arcwing slots / sentinel slots / pet slots. If I have extra money to spare, I invest in the endgame (Lets all be honest, the true end game is FABULOUS. I mean FashionFrame). Syandanas, Cool Deluxe Skins, Tenogen is just epic, Color Palettes, etc. Recently I spend
  5. have you check your warframes? there should be a frost prime there and the rest of the items in their respective loadouts. The game never mentions you got the items once you log back in. You have to find them in your stash. If you still find nothing, you might want to contact support.
  6. Any explosive weaponry. If the storm doesn't kill them, the tonkor will :V
  7. River mods can be use on conclave :V P2W over your enemies.
  8. Just no... you can simply try the sortie luck and hope for something good, warframe its a game of farming, not a pay 2 win game.
  9. 1) I did rush my Normal Rhino Build on the foundry by mistake. Them 50 plat. 2) Buying Classic Color Palette, I hate it and never touch it again. Saturated is way better. Them 75 plat. 3) Inaros Anubis Helmet, after I buy it for like 5 days later it could be obtained on one of the Alert Missions. Them 75 plat. 4) Capsule Sentinel Tail. Didn't know it was mostly white colored (can't be changed), it's useless 2 me since it crashes with the colors of my sentinels. Them 15 plat. 5) Not plat related, but to this day I regret buying Excalibur Vespula Tennogen Skin... The skin
  10. Mirage already got nerfed not long ago (it will take another year for DE to nerf her again). Also any weapon with her it's op.
  11. 2 words m8: Mirage Simulor Also you can take the simulor for any mission, you just need it to mod properly.
  12. To be honest, I don't know how hard it's to get the parts needed for saryn now. I had the luck to farm the old Kela for Saryn, you could pretty much one shot her with Valkyr. Now a days them rollers be annoying (unless you own a frame like Rhino :V ). Not to mention trying to kill her on sorties (lv100 Kela, damn), now that is pain. xD
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