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  1. Thats... really rude. Motion sickness isn't something you can control.
  2. Sentinels are barely the size of a tenno's head. Sentinels also float (like you said) right around the tenno, not all over the battlefield.
  3. I dunno, thats up to you. I just see it as a thing for them to wave around and try to get hype for.
  4. Personally, I feel they were just a gimmick DE wanted in so they could use them to try and draw older players back, while adding "content".
  5. There's a huge difference between punishing (a la "I wanna be the guy" series) and challenging (Dark Souls series)
  6. WF is primarily a PC game, no reason to make anything "consolized" except for the console version imo, or at least have an option to use the older UI.
  7. Is any body even there? Every time I get on, no one is in the chat :PAnd sorry, the "WF is p2w" nonsense hurts my head. Anyone who has played a REAL p2w game can tell at a glance, WF is not p2w.
  8. Holy crap, so much argument over something so simple: P2W requires the advantage to be acquired only through playing, and for it to be say, a damage boost, or something that makes the player better than a non paying player (not to be confused with pay 4 convinece, I.e. slots)
  9. PWE doesn't invest. They acquire. I dunno if DE sees this (they should after the 300 page topic), but it might start as "investment" to DE, but to PWE it's little more than a handhold for them to get further in.
  10. No, it's more like they closed the almost 300 page topic that popped up in like half a day. In comparison, the next biggest topic (last post wins) has been around for months! What happened was DE more or less said "We do wat we wahnt!" And ignored the biggest outpouring from the community ever! Literally nothing on this scale has happened before, and I've seen everything since U7. They gave a crappy "Maybe yes, maybe no" soundbyte. Nothing more. I trust DE about as far as I can could throw them all put together at this point. Minus the art team, they do good work with nothing shady
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