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  1. Biosko

    Voids purpose

    Thank you DE. With this unvaultings relics only being aquireable in void missions you gave them their purpose back. Maybe this forum is about being critical but once I wanted to point out something I really like. It feels like you have filled a hole I constantly saw. Thank you.
  2. Biosko


    When I am solo I dont have too many laggs and no crash. But this game isnt meant to be played solo. At least not for me.
  3. Biosko


    I really hate that you dont have a "I dont host" option for Fortuna. When I host my game crashes after a while. And if I leave immediatly it crashes as well. So I want an option where I can tell which games I can host. It doesnt matter how you improve the performance. I cant host the could I host a tripple sized map.
  4. Biosko

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Kind of. But you had to switch between enemies and the stun would just make them not being able to attack you right away. It wouldnt slow all of them for long.
  5. Biosko

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Garudas 4 sounds really boring. Just like Revenants 4. Turn on -> enemies take damage like you had a kill aura. If you want gore..why not make it an animation: Turn on - everything gets slomo for everyone -repeat while duration is active: ( aim at an enemy -> slashdash an enemy into pieces while blood splatters in red clouds around you distracting nearby enemies (aka .5 sec stun)) and the ability has a limited duration (under 10 seconds). That would feel like gore. DE doesnt want 'press one button to win'? Well I got a solution for you. I´d like feedback.
  6. Biosko

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    The synthesis scanner doesnt work. Whenever you equip it it says "unarmed" (or whatever the english expression is) and I cant use it.
  7. If you want to give us more rivens give us more riven slots as well. Why is there a cap?
  8. Biosko

    The Meaning of Mainline: Next Update ETA!

    You know what I am excited for: The changes listed on 5 pages. And I want new game mechanics. Maybe even some levels where you need to parcour a bit more could do the trick for a week. New Raids. New quests. Some proper Archwing levels (the JV Raid was great).
  9. I instantly got my Ash Prime at 6:35 pm ET when I logged in. Twitch linked with warframe. No twitch prime or anything else...just half an hour of enjoying the stream
  10. Saryn spore augment doesnt work. I cant use my 1 on allies.
  11. I really like the changes I wont mention here: But how will the spore rework look like? Will the damage scaling be kept when spreading? 2 Ways I can think of that would make the ability good: First: For low levels: So when..lets say it scaled to 1k Damage and spreaded spores scale from 1k damage onwards? Because that with corrosive would be great. Second: Corrosive would have to act on base armor here to be usefull for stripping armor. If not the ability will be kinda useless since you normally dont wait 20 seconds till the spores have taken the enemies armor. Augment rework: Additionally it would be great if the buff also appeared on the caster not only the buffed target (would want that on all buffing augments) Toxic Lash 2 Modes please: One with the toxin working with weapon mods like Chromatic Blade Another one which works like the current one unlike Chromatic Blade The rest sounds great.
  12. Before it did 10k damage now it does 40 damage. Thats it simplified.
  13. Exodia Contagion was balanced because you could kill youself easily (even with wukongs 2 active). Now its garbage. Thank you for the melee headshots though.