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  1. Adding blades on the sides of the staff like on a mace.
  2. Please fix gale kick dealing almost no damage even with High-damage weapons/builds. Even lvl 30 corpus enemies need 3 or so hits. Lvl 40 is faster to kill with my Amp than with that mod. Currently its not worth a mod slot.
  3. Why remove the friend mission. I barely get a reason to do something with my clanmates even though I want to.
  4. There are various bugs when falling off the plattforms in the extraction tileset of the flydolon fight. Like falling off it with the operator if you use him in mid-air resulting in being teleported back to the fighting plattform unable to extract or when falling off with the warframe getting stuck in the falling reset loop without actually falling anymore (you can get out of that one with transference).
  5. Please dont add conservation to the plaines. Give us a reason to play this map isntead of Orb Vallis. A new mechanic. A new game mode. Anything but not a copy of conservation.
  6. And its range is very short for a two handed blade. 2-3.5 Meter base range as far as I can tell.
  7. You cant aim with a controller?
  8. 800 would be a bit overkill but I think it is reasonable to increase the base damage.
  9. What about players that ran out of revives or are dead when the "extraction ship arrives"? Will they extract or will they be forced to revive/abort? Btw noone is expecting you to meet your deadlines. You proved the ones that believed in that wrong so many times...
  10. I am sorry but where are the "Unique Stories"? I cant seem to find them. Or is it that intro you talked about?
  11. Nightwave Shop no image is loading except the mods. The owned filter doesnt work on built cosmetics.
  12. Actually I use nearly all of them. Dont assume something you cant know. And the ones I dont frequently use is for if the weapons get a slight change making them fun to play (more range or less recoil or better sound)
  13. 1. What about Titanias ult? How should weapon swap work there? Can you switch to your actual primary? 2. The aerial melee sounds like coptering again. I hope it does not a) do coptering b) feel like Limbos rift switch (just falling)
  14. Yes its kind of important but looking at priorities "steam achievements" are very far down the list. Ingame Bugfixes and invention of new funny bugs is what I am interested in.
  15. Why dont you just kick the clan out of the alliance?
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