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  1. The hell are you doing, DE? We liked Warframe, not whatever game you're trying to make it.
  2. I've uninstalled a while ago, and I'm not coming back. These new changes are NOT for melee players, they're to make gun players better on all fronts whilst shafting melee players.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with the lad quoted below. I've bought Saryn prime access, Mesa prime access and 1000 plat a few times, but now I'm forced to take a break from the game. I've tried the new patch, and it ruins what I loved about the game. I won't be returning to Warframe until blocking is something I control again. I am a Melee player. This update did not enhance melee, it killed it.
  4. I shouldn't have to switch to my gun to take damage, I should simply be able to choose not to block with my melee weapon. That level of control was taken from me, and now the game is unplayable because of it.
  5. Holding a button to block when you wish to reduce damage, and not holding that button when you wish to take damage adds depth. The players that demanded auto-block are primarily GUN players, they don't spend as much time with their melee weapons out as melee players do. Ultimately, it is a tremendous detail that does matter, it has stopped many people from playing altogether.
  6. Feeling kinda disenfranchised here as a melee Tenno. This update seems to have one goal; stripping away the depth of melee combat so it can fit more neatly in a gun-users playstyle. But what about those of us that take out our melee weapons at the start of the mission? Removing the ability to block manually and replacing it with automatic blocking takes a great deal of control away from the players; there's quite simply less game for us to play now that the game handles that for us. Not to mention the negative effects it has on mods like Rage and Hunter's Adrenaline. I'm unhappy with this update. I can't play the game at all since my favorite aspect of the game has been ruined. All I'd need to fix it is automatic blocking to either be removed or a toggle-off option added. But for now, I have to find something else to play.
  7. As a Melee player, this new update's done a lot of damage to my enjoyment of the game. Whilst some features of the new update are really nice, it feels as if it's watering down the melee experience, and catering exclusively to Gunplay. By removing the block button and making melee blocking automatic, it takes a degree of depth out of being a melee player, and further takes control way from the player. Warframe powers that do their own thing whilst activated are cool, but weapons have been the one thing that we players have always had to control directly. Being able to control whether or not my warframe blocked enabled me to use Rage and Hunter's Adrenaline to make a powerful Melee/power build, but now I have to turn around to take the damage. I understand that making blocking automatic makes the game easier for gun players to switch between guns and melee without having to worry about blocking, but it also takes all the depth out of the game for players that only carry firearms as a back-up weapon. It would have been a lot better if the quick-melee button were to be replaced with a quick switch between melee and firearms, without holstering delays. I think I'll be spending some time on other games until something is changed. I've spent a lot of plat getting my melee weapons to where they are now, and I'm a bit disheartened by how swords feel like they're playing second fiddle to guns at the moment. Hope to play again in the future.
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