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  1. The 2 reworks are amazing! Such hype ❤️ Kuva lich seems really cool! To have a nemesis in the game? Oh boy! (sorry stalker, but we have surpassed you.. 😕) A few notes; - When embers immolate reaches critical, let her take fire damage instead of depleting energy bar. - Fire procs "melting" away armor is really cool, but then beats the armor stripping in her 3th ability. Really hoping for fire procs to deal more damage with stacking, but I'd leave the armor stripping to corrosive and warframe abilities. - Vauban? The rollers, the orbital strike, Bastille now stripping armor and converting to vortex? Wow. Perfect rework right there! - More loadouts? Omg yes. - Halloween event with a bat swarm ephemera? The fashionframers will really have their hands full with Batman outfits now xD - The new Kavat is amazing! Curious to see what the abilities will be. - Kuva lich customization seems really neet, can't wait to get my hands on it. Also for there to be a king pin with clans? With maybe like a 3 month period for you and your clan to put together your kuva liches and have those generate a Kuva Boss? I'm curious to see where this goes... Have a nice weekend everyone ❤️
  2. High level fissures, now that's something I'd really want <3
  3. Love this update! More love for Arbitretions. But can we talk about those ospreys? Could we get rid of the immunity to warframe abilities and damage... Make the ospreys give their allies 75% damage reduction, like Trinity? Reduced duration on crowd control, like many bosses in the game? Would it be possible to pick up respawn points and drop them again? I also hope the points aren't affected by vacuum/fetch. Really excited to see the cosmetics and what'll happen with archwing rivens 🙂
  4. Please don't nerf or delete Itzal movement. I don't have the itzal Archwing, I rather use the Amesha, but altering it is not the right way to go about this. Archwing shouldn't be seen as just getting from A to B, but it should offer more in the missions. Question: Why don't players use the other Archwings then? I'd love to use my healing/protecting bubbles on defence targets, however I constantly get shot down by "missles incoming". If my bubbles would persist when i'm out of archwing that would make for much more reason to hop in archwing, place bubble, shoot some stuff in the air and slam back down with warframe. My suggestion is to keep abilities from archwing going while out of archwing; just like operator and zenurik dash. => I'd like more synergie between warframe and archwing in the planes, like operator and warframe have. Don't nerf this. Instead, make archwing abilities great again.
  5. This is one of the best updates so far! Challenges are so coo... "Complete sorties with friends or clan mates"... Another reminder of my sad existance in my Scimitar... No, but the shop is cool, challenges are awesome! I would like a deadline when the season ends, but other than that, OMG HYPE <3
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