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  1. I honestly just don't run relics often, at this point I have such a backlog/pile I doubt I would ever catch up to it. I farm for and run relics when something new comes out or for Forma blueprints every now and then. Or I'll run them when I am building up my stock of void traces. With the free radiants from ESO, the extra's from relics packs, and running Hydron, it adds up.... I have 1093 Lith, 432 Meso, 745 Neo, and 261 Axi, for a grand total of 2531.
  2. DO NOT QUESTION THE FORUM HIVE MIND! How dare you think that we play for fun! If a new frame comes out and it does the same things as other frame IT IS TRASH! If they don't like it IT IS TRASH! The frame has 1 ability that other frames do better GARBAGE RABBLERABBLENOFUNRABBLERABBLE *COLLAPSES IN A BLUSTERING SEIZURE*
  3. I can confirm this also happens, with any secondary, be it AK/Twin or singular.
  4. There is an animation bug in Gauss' noble animation set when holding a pistol. During the fist half of the animation his right index finger will bend back and away from the grip. This appears to happen with any gun and with 'Twin' or 'Ak' guns as well. Basically, Gauss breaks his finger every time he holds a pistol.
  5. They removed them while running the Vox Solaris quest, not all of Fortuna.
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