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  1. Illithar

    wisp: this seriously needs to stop

    It's perfectly fair considering the decent amount of Manly ButtocksTM on display in this game. Or is this a 'nipple' situation where Lady Butts are bad and Man Butts are fine?
  2. Illithar

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    If you really have an issue with China being involved with your games here's a thing: Tencent. They own, have a stake in, or have established partnerships with several gaming companies including Ubisoft, Riot Games, Take 2, Activision-Blizzard, Supercell, and Epic Games (They also partly own PUBG). More specifically, they own Riot Games, they have a 40% share in Epic Games, and have a majority stake in Supercell. The other two, Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard, they own a stake and are using the investment to bring the devs various games to China in different forms. There are also rumors that they have, or are working on, a deal with Square-Enix to begin bringing their games to the Chinese market or produce new games for them based on existing or new IP's. And that's just one company. Do some cursory research and you find a lot of investment by Chinese companies in many foreign markets, American or otherwise.
  3. Illithar

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    This argues more in favor of not pre-ordering. Why bargain on the state of the game prior to release? EA's track record does not inspire confidence. No. This reminds me of the Hussein parody character from South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut: "I can change, I can change!". I'll believe it when I see it. I'll might give the game a chance after launch if it turns out to be well received. I learned my lesson 4 years ago with Batman Arkham Knight, I'm not falling for it again. This doesn't just apply to 'AAA' games for me either, I don't even pre-order from indie developers I trust.
  4. Illithar

    more announcers when?

    While I am not one of the people who is bothered by The Lotus, or even Ordis, having Ticker talk at me during missions is something I would pay for. Little Duck would be fun too. Also Vay Hek and Tyl Regor.
  5. Illithar

    Condition Overload Farming

    I don't transmute much, but I did get at least one of my Condition Overloads via transmuting. Farming it can be inconsistent, I've seen it drop in the first 2 minutes and then gone a long time without ever seeing it drop. Are you bringing a Speedva? It helps speed up the kills and the spawns. On the flip side, Condition Overload farming is also a good place to get Polymer Bundles and Tellurium if you need them. It's also not a bad way to passively level stuff if your not the Hydroid.
  6. Illithar

    we need a Grakata Gunblade

    I like the idea of a pole arm Grakata, just a Grakata duct taped to each end of a metal pole. Or, you just flip your Grakata around and and hold it by the barrel and grakata-whip people with it. OR and actual Grakata whip that is just a Grakata at the end of a whip that flails around madly firing bullets in all directions. OR...OR a Grakata sparing weapon where you have Grakata strapped to your ankles and wrists so when you punch or kick people you also shoot them. Ohoh! OR a Grakata launcher that fires smaller rocket propelled Grakatas that shoot while they fly at the target and then explode on impact!
  7. A better, and I would say, more interesting idea, would be to expand upon and rebalance the pool of 'corrupted mods' (Blind Rage, Fleeting Experties, etc.). Have ones for frames that affect stats other than Strength, Efficiency, Duration, and Range. Such as Armor, Health, Speed, parkour maneuvers and so on. I would sooner have that than an introduction of Rivens frames/pets.
  8. Illithar

    Melee 3.0...

    Good, I'd rather they take their time and get it right, on what is an almost full revision of a core system, than rush it out the door.
  9. Illithar

    How do I catch Charamote fish?

    Other than the obvious changes to the spear chucking part of fishing, it seems like DE changed how fish spawn in Fortuna. Just as you said, bait isn't needed most of the time if you are at a hotspot. But, it does noticeably increase the spawn rate, which can be nice.
  10. Illithar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

    They removed them while running the Vox Solaris quest, not all of Fortuna.
  11. Illithar

    Most Powerful warframes lorewise

    I learned a new word today!
  12. That's why I suggested the ability to recast to refresh the duration. It's a fair compromise in the face of the reduced duration. It will still cost the same amount of energy, but will be easier to maintain. I like playing Limbo and I actually like this change overall.
  13. It's funny, people whining about the riven challenge, completely stationary targets should be fairly easy to hit in the head...
  14. I actually welcome this change. But, I have one request: given these changes could it be possible to change the re-cast from cancelling the ability to refreshing the duration? It will still have the same energy upkeep without the annoyance of having to wait for the ability to fully expire. It would also make stasis easier to use defensively with these changes.
  15. Is it?? Last time I was running her frequently (a few weeks ago) I don't remember it working... S#&$... I'll have to try again tonight... Well crap so it is... I legitimately remember it not working...