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  1. GREAT: THaNK you So VeRy MuCH DE. i STiLL RaTHeR HaVe iN STaTuS uPDaTe oF iN CeRT oR TeSTiNG oR WHaTeVeR you NaMe iT. iT CaN eaSe My iMPaTieNCe aND iT aLSo HeLPS Me GeT PRePaReD 4 uPDaTe & eVeNT. iF you JuST PoST iT { LIVE } PeoPLe May MiSS iT oR eVeN JoiN LaTe & MiSS ouT oN ReWaRDS Due 2 TiMe RuNNiNG ouT. WiLL you @LeaST GiVe uS CoNSoLe NoTiFiCaTioNS So We CaN Be ReMiNDeD. PeoPLe WHo WoRK & THe LiKe, eSPeCiaLLy NeeD HeaDS uP Due 2 iRL [ ReaL LiFe ] CiRCuMSTaNCeS. THaNK you So VeRy VeRy MuCH aGaiN DE 4 youR HaRD WoRK & DeDiCaTioN THaT TRuLy MaKes THiS GaMe
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