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  1. TYVM DE, 2 hard farming. Im thru playing WF........ Been here since PS4 started in 2014 because i Couldn't get online due to PSN having issues. I wrote a long paragraph but web page acting up so I erased it all. Im gone, all I needed was 6 Thaumica & 1 Scintillant, OMG........ GoDBLeSS
  2. Thank You, I haven't gotten a Scillitant Since Early Yesterday
  3. GReeTiNGS: The Helminth Subsume Takes 2 long. It would be faster & funner 2 use the Cysts that grow on your Neck for R&D. You could make a co-op mission or a random\specific mission that the 2 Warframes 2B subsumed 2gether do the mission 2gether. This will only need 2B done 1nce by the warframe 2B Subsumed. During the co-op mission the ability to be Extracted will B used by the WF 2B Subsumed & the WF with the cyst needs 2BN Range of the ability when its used. Either used on or used by, the Cyst will fill with Data everytime within range until the research is complete. Now back N t
  4. 1st off: Congrats De, for Continually & Bravely Raising the Bar. 2ndly: If you didnt play Dark Sector "When it Originally Released" ...... then you have no idea what Warframe is about!!! Phunny & 3rd: Warframe has never been broke, Calm it Up. If Warframe becomes 2 Op, then DE will use the research & feedback from the Newly Released Content & adjust the game as needed. "THIS IS GIVING US THE POWER TO RECREATE OUR OWN WARFRAME" (Dark Sector 4Life)....... Is it just meeeeeeeee ???
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