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  1. Guys, don't do this. Give away free stuff, fine, but NOT NEW, otherwise unaccessible stuff. This reeks of desperate triple-A, mainstream FOMO tactics. Want people to be interested? Deliver good content, don't bait with "exclusive" BS.
  2. Make it a possibility, but not a rule. Some of the augments really feel like bandaids to make abilities not suck and those should absolutely be baked into the ability itself, but putting any sort of quota on time limits on this ("two frames every season") is bad and will lead to delays and rushed content and complaining. Do it, but do it when there's time.
  3. Limited time content is bad. DE, you're becoming what you swore not to be. On top of that, you can't even keep up the schedule. This is unhealthy for both the players (constant FOMO) and the developers (crunch) Stop it. Make permanent content.
  4. Garbage change. This forces Mesa spam even more.
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