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  1. Killed 4 spectres, got credit only for 2. Was using wukong clone. I'm out of mats now. Lost all motivation to keep going. This nightwave crap is not making me want to play more. Quite the opposite.
  2. Can you just drop the whole time limited crap? If you have to come up with "intermissions" because you're running late for the next season, just make each season permanent like guild wars 2 reward tracks so people who don't play daily can catch up and daily players can have "evergreen nightwave" past level 30.
  3. Banning people because your game is broken is... not cool. Fix your game maybe? I dunno, just saying.
  4. What are your plans for Nightwave after the waves (pun intended) of feedback? The future of this system will most likely make or break the game for me. I've been playing since CB, I don't want it to be the latter.
  5. Finally! Thank you. Just please, let the rhino actually charge the stomp in-air, then divebomb.
  6. Gild 1 Modular Weapon? Use 3 forma? How about "Throw away X resources"? It's the same thing. Don't force me to use/build things I don't have a need for.
  7. Is all future content going to be "time limited" now? First the Prime Vault, then just a while ago Nightwave, and now Hildryn and the boss fight? If that's your plan forward, my appreciation for this game and the decisions you take as a game studio is going to go downhill. I praised you for doing things differently all the way from closed beta, but recently all the signs show you're steering towards the direction of the mainstream games, which is... well, awful. Please prove me wrong.
  8. Come on, can we NOT do this "limited time" crap? First nightwave, now you not only time-gate a warframe, but also lock it back afterwards? What the hell is this.
  9. People who can only play on weekends got screwed with the 5 sortie challenge. Stop trying to push daily commitments on your playerbase, it'll only burn them out. This isn't a job, it's supposed to be entertainment AFAIK. Let us play it when WE want to. ...but if they're exhausted from the daily logins, they'll give up eventually. And no, I don't think "but it's free" is a good argument here. Being free is not an excuse anymore, not in today's market, with so much competition. Also I hold DE to a higher standard than the rest of the F2P (and not only F2P) industry because I believe they're better than that, and more importantly willing to listen.
  10. There is still dead, unresponsive animation frames when doing a forward air-melee-dash close to the ground and landing before the animation ends. I was hoping the new melee system would fix it, but it does not. Repro: 1. Jump low to the ground. 2. Position the camera just slightly upwards to not trigger the slam melee. 3. Press melee button > warframe performs the air-dash-melee 4. If done correctly, warframe lands before the melee attack ends. 5. Try to melee again > can't until the animation frames of the air-dash melee pass, even though they're not playing anymore. PLEASE fix this. Losing control of my frame during combat really throws me off.
  11. Please tell me this is temporary until you can go back and rework them. Incursions are the most dynamic, open-world-ish thing about PoE. If anything we need more content like that and less boring and repetitive bounties.
  12. I am extremely disappointed with this. Fill five ayatan sculptures, and the reward is not even for a third of a tier? This is ridiculous level of grind, on top of an already awful "limited-time" system. Steve asked on twitter wheter we want a battle pass, and got back so many "HELL NO" responses he had to ask people to stop replying. And now what do we get? A battle pass. Want to distance yourself from this Fortnite trash? Follow in Guild Wars 2's footsteps and make this permanent, like their reward tracks. Otherwise all you're doing is just creating more story that vanishes (like previous events), something you said you want to avoid. It's a little bit backwards, isn't it?
  13. I hate this idea less now, but I'm still not fully convinced about it. You say nothing about whether there's a limited amount of standing / currency we can earn, and if it is, then it's a very slippery slope to a "battle pass" with "surf your credit card to the end". Especially considering we don't know how grindy this will be.
  14. Can we have it scan plants too? (Threshcone, Ruk's claw etc)
  15. Chimera Prologue was great. Will we be getting more bite-sized quests like that to build towards TNW? Other points: New mining? Incursions improvements? Basic movement animations rework?
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