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  1. Cool rewards and the cost balance feels OK. Finally some content worth playing.
  2. Confirmed. All my kitgun progress in the profile screen was lost, even though I STILL have all my kitguns in my inventory, maxed.
  3. Normalize the cost of tokens. is offering one token for either 13 or 15 Pustulite. I don't want to have to pull out a spreadsheet to figure out which is the best deal for me.
  4. Just as a note, not only the bugs are what scares the new players away. Sure, we have a fleshed out tutorial now, but after that there's no guidance for the new players. They're thrown into the open water with a "do what you want" message. For some people (me) it's fine, I like having a freedom of choice. A friend of mine however, who I've invited to Warframe right after U14 shipped, said everything up to the point when he ran out of quests was great, but he needed more "handholding" afterwards. Perhaps some explanation from The Lotus on how to continue the game? I don't know, jus
  5. Still not as annoying as the "UHHHH.. UMM..UHHH" radio guy.
  6. My reaction to the stream as it progressed: uuuh... awkward...okay... some cool things announced, but nothing mindblowing... more awkward... even more awkward...wait what, another minigame, that's the big reveal?....OH okay now we're talking... HOLY SHIP GIVE IT TO ME NOW!
  7. And I was just thinking of putting a potato on penta or angstrum.. Looks like Vectis is getting it instead.
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