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  1. I just lost a Pennant blueprint because apparently killing 4 out of 4 crew ships is not enough. You know, these broken releases are really getting old.
  2. the mission failure loop for a non-host is infuriating. Matchmake into a game > host (pilot) damages ship into catastrophic failure > forced extract into host's dojo > host ragequits from dojo > forced loading screen to orbiter > repeat the bolded part is a RIDICULOUS time waste and needs to be skippable in some way. PS Oh, a random matchmade person can take over the pilot seat of your railjack and you as the owner have no way of kicking them off? Brilliant. Truly.
  3. Is this really all you're doing in terms of liches rework? I hope not, otherwise I sense another dead feature. I expected this to be fun and engaging, so far it's only been grindy and infuriating. This change only reduces the infuriating part a little.
  4. Still no req relics from flood missions. Purposefully ignoring it to sell more on the market?
  5. This is not cool. I'm trying to farm traces to upgrade the relic so I can finally kill him. It's also going to affect my ability to farm primes, which pushes me further into opting out of the system altogether. In general, the more I play the more I notice how annoying the entire Lich system is. I previously said I was okay with how it was implemented, but I'm changing my mind: in SoM/SoW fighting your nemesis was based on skill, both in planning and execution. Here it's just a matter of RNG and grind. If I don't have the things required to finish the fight, I might as well just run away from it. In SoM/SoW it wasn't about loot (or at least it wasn't the priority until SoW endgame). Here this A****** steals my loot, and every fight I lose against him only expands his area of influence. Additionally, the rewards for killing him aren't even that inciting (other than getting MY stuff back). Again - why bother? In SoM/SoW the nemesis was getting stronger slowly on their own, or rapidly if you lost to them, but you had the possibility of slowing them down. Here I'm encouraged to either run away and leave them alone or let them kill me. It's completely illogical. In conclusion, after killing my first lich, If I ever decide to have another one I'll be sure to be as prepared as possible to get rid of him ASAP. That doesn't really align with what this system is supposed to be about ("long term rivalry"), does it? PS I'm getting truckloads of Kuva which I don't really need. Let me use that instead to power up the Requiem relics. PPS Floods still randomly don't give out the relic.
  6. Playing missions in Lich territory when you're not the host is a confusing mess. Cameras during finishers do not match what you're actually doing, so I was often staring at an empty background. This has been happening since the "RULES OF NATURE" cinematic cutscenes were introduced back in fortuna and I'm disappointed to still see it happening. Then, my Lich randomly invaded and I noticed a "press X to... something" pop-up on him, so I curiously pressed it. And my frame just instantly poofed dead. Now, I understand the mechanic - you're supposed to get punished for attempting the kill with the wrong combo. That's not my issue here. It's just that it happened with nothing to show how and why. That just makes the entire system feel silly and underwhelming, to put it mildly. Again, I want to stress this, I have nothing against the mechanic - I love the Nemesis system in SoM/SoW and I like how it was implemented in Warframe (maybe except having to grind the traces for relics, but that's beside the point) I'm just a bit disappointed about how the networking severely undermines the experience.
  7. Overall I'm liking the change more than I expected (thanks for keeping Tempo Royale fun), however: Some of the RARE stances on some weapons I tested feel inferior to UNCOMMON ones due to a smaller amount of available combos. That should not be a thing.
  8. But I lose the bonus on Atlas' landslide. And that's why it sucks.
  9. YES! DE please. I've been asking for this forever. This guy now goes above and beyond in order to get attention to this issue. Can it be discussed on stream at least? PLEASE
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