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  1. This is probably the best change of 2020. Thank you a 1000 times. nice
  2. Since the last update when the mission ends and the end of mission screen appears, the search bar is active. This has not been the case before and it is a little annoying. Especially since you can skip the animation behind by pressing a button (if you play solo). It still does the skip, but you also type into the searchbar wich affects the list of rewards. Not a big problem, but I would prefer the old state.
  3. Thank you very much for the info. I must have missed that devstream then. Hopefully it will help with all 3 points I was talking about :)
  4. RIP... Fs in the chat boys... Fs in the chat ... :(
  5. Thank you very much for the hotfix. :) Can you look into this?
  6. 1) Conservation targets are still impossible to see. It has been reported numerous times that even people without colorblindnees cannot see them. It is near impossible for colorblind people. Change the color of the targets in the scope and make it more visible. 2) Some time ago you added colorblind correction, but unfortunately they only include protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia. Sadly these filters actually make it even worse for people with anomalous colorblindness. Please add filters for protanomaly, deuteranomaly and tritanomaly. EDIT: Turns out I didn't know that it is
  7. Veterans accumulate plat by selling stuff to lower MR players. Either because it is vaulted or because it requieres a lvl of experience to obtain those items. It is very important to realize, that most people are not veterans. Of 50 million players (according to official data and steam statistics - PC only): around 40% have ever achieved MR 1. (20 million) around 15% have ever achieved MR 10. (7,5 million) around 10% have ever achieved MR 10. (5 million) around 3% have ever achieved MR 20. (1,5 million) around 2% have ever achieved MR 25 (1 million) around 1.5% have ever achi
  8. I really don't understand the question.. I will answer as much possible interpretations as possible. -Because they need money to make the game? -Because newer players are more likely to buy? -Because experienced players don't buy that much of plat?
  9. It costs plat? New players cant navigate the game as well as more experienced players. They are less likely to get the plat themselves. I did the same thing when I started playing years ago..
  10. Because they have nothing, no gear, no warframe slots, no weapon slot, no gear to trade for plat. They are more likely to buy.
  11. Well I of course know that. What I meant is that I think that newer players are more likely to spend money to buy little bit of plat Therefore the large sum trades are not happening because of newly bought plat, but rather because of acumulation of smaller amounts. DE needs to force newer players to buy, not veterans that are doing the large amount purchases.
  12. Yup, disposition changes are an attempt.. yes, failed, but still an attempt to get some sort of "balance" in rivens. I don't see how it is connected to standing. And the dispo changes happen regularly every 3 months. Well we don't know that. Only DE does probably. I would guess that people that have thousands of plat did not actually buy it with money. These people are usually veterans who know how to get large amounts of plat easily. Take me for example... when I started playing, I've bought the biggest pack of plat twice, but it's been a long time since Ive done that, because I cann
  13. Well again, you are talking about mining and fishing, but that's not the game. Stockpiling standing in sideactivity rewards is cool, but not why Mother tokens are superior to standing on PoE and Vallis. Btw.. All mining and fishing resource are obtainable on Deimos by just playing Vaults or doing a resource farm with Limbo or Xaku. Let's not talk about mining/fishing, but only Bounties. I have to correct you on the bounties thing tho, because while T5 bounties on PoE and Vallis are approx. 4000-4500 of standing, T5 bounties on Deimos are often 100-130 tokens (more if you do the bonus obj
  14. I think that my opinions, that being able to farm in advance and that uncapping standing can lead to problems are not only a scaremongering, but I see that it could be viewed that way. There is a difference between occasionally tanking a value and uncapping everything in the game tho... You are absolutelly right about which is what I was trying to express. Vendors have imaginary ingame items that have value only because we players agreed to it, but Buyers have real life money transformed into an ingame currency. DE wants them to spend it, that's why they always make decisi
  15. Yep.. A lot of people will be angry if DE does it, but they gotta do it as soon as possible or it will get out of hand eventually. People are currently literally selling and buying power for Warframes. DE needs to say to those people "sorry for letting this happen" and stop it. Watch this (time 22:44): I wonder what happened to this way of thinking.
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