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  1. Yes you are right. And I see the problem in my thinking now. I still believe that DE can do much better. I presented the idea, because I thought that it would allow DE to release the nightwave more often and have it on a schedule. I guess most people are more realistic than me and already accepted, that we will never get things on time and that there will never be schedule. As I said in the post above. I am a dreamer :D
  2. You are right about all of that. I guess I am a dreamer. :D Even tho, I still belive that the systems can be done robustly enough, so it works. If we are talking about software, you are 100% right that you have to think ahead and not create a spaghetti code, but my idea was more of a preplanning and organization thing, rather than software thing. I think we both agree, that DE leave much to be desired in that area.
  3. Well if this edge case would happen. (DE don't have nightwave ready, but mainline is releasing tomorrow) I would just release the Nightwave without the Nora voicelines and add them later. Maybe the campfire story would not be relevant, but I am pretty sure that the community would understand at that point. I personally think that it would benefit DE as a company and Warframe as a game, if they tried to organize themself to be able to schedule, becase we all know that is something they always had problems with and at this point I feel like people act like it's fine, but I never felt like i
  4. Yes I did heard about "soon(TM)" I have been in this community for some time. In my original post I mentions several updates that were NOT mainlines. Btw the huge delays are usually a week or two. Last time I remember a HUGE delay was Sacrifice. I have clearly said I don't want nightwave released alongside big updates. I have said they should be released some time before the big update is suppose to drop. So please read again what I have proposed.
  5. Ehm... What? Do YOU know? Because I do. Nightwave is already released at the same time across all the consoles. Big updates are not. Which is exactly the same thing that I am proposing :D How would it change anything ? You don't spend thousands of dollars to release a game on console...
  6. Yeah, I meant that. I will give you an example: If there was a nightwave before the release of the Old blood update. Nora could have one single creepypasta campfire story about "imortal grineer hunters, that has been spoted". That would be all. Exactly as you say. Campfire story to tease the update that would be released in a few weeks, whenever it's ready.
  7. I am watching devstream. I have not missed one in like 3 years. That's why I said: Doesn't mean I cannot propose a way to make it less devintensive, while having a good story flavor. Btw.. I feel like everyone in here is not understanding what I am saying. It is probably my fault that I am not explaining myself clear enough. The Nightwave would NOT be connected by releasing it at the same time, but ONLY by having the same theme. As I stated, it could release a whole month or even more before the actual update as a teaser, nothing more. It would never hinder the development and r
  8. Well. I am not sure if I contradicted myself. My issues are: - seasons take too long and the rewards end up being an endless stream of creds, which is not interesting - the story flavor is not there, because the episodes take up like 10% of the nightwave run time I think that puting some lore from the updates into it and making the seasons short a fast would solve those issues. Tbh I am not creating this concept from the top of my head, the suggestion is based on seasonal content from other games, that tbh.. often do it better.
  9. The nightwave gets released at the same time on all consoles as it is the case already. And the updates are released when they are ready. ?? Yes basically. Intermissions with a small story teaser for upcomming updates. Yes. Do you guys like the current nightwave better? Is it better to have a "season" for more than 8 months? Is it better to have intermissions that last more than 7 months?
  10. As I said. They can delay and delay as long as they need. If the delay is not 1-3 weeks, but more than a month, they can add 15 ranks of nightwave cred. I didn't mean a month in a sense of 30 day exactly, obviously. When is the Tempestari update going to release? In a month or so? Well then, they could release the nightwave. Do not tell me they have no idea when it will drop. They don't know the exact day or week, but they now if it's this month or the next one. My concept is not strictly scheduled. It is obvious it has enough leeway to work with. Why are you agruing with me as if I sa
  11. You are saying it like putting pressure to make somewhat of a timeline would be a bad thing. Honestly they should try to schedule more, but my concept doesn't need it. Imagine they would drop the "Tempestari nightwave" now. All they need are the nora voicelines and 30 ranks. At this point they can delay the actual update for as long as they need while we do the nightwave. There is no need to account for the time to reach R30. It would not go anywhere until the next nightwave. The seasons don't have to be huge, they can be just 30 ranks and we get 10 weeks to do it, which is enough.
  12. There is NO reason to give each nightwave a unique story. DE have figured that out already as well. The question that seems obvious to me is: Why is the nightwave not connected to the mainline updates? I will explain how it should look like based on the upcomming Tempestari update: - the update is getting closer, so DE record Nora voicelines that would tease the lore of the update and they release it on all platforms a month before the update - there are no episodes, just a play button that can be pushed to listen to some creepypasta - put in cool rewards up to the rank 30
  13. I only disagreed with people and tried to explain why. Yet... you are calling me a dirtbag. :) GJ
  14. Because it would be a content to play? You don't want a content to play? I never said I want a full event. I said that they just should have made a copypasted resource that would be obtained from bounties. That would take almost no devtime. This game is f2p. They have to have people playing. This does not bring people back to play. They just log in, buy the stuff and leave to play other games. I want them to focus on live event content. Because they always spend months creating this huge updates that lasts us two weeks. I don't want to be the "old Warframe was better", but this game
  15. No it doesn't, becuase I think that most people have more than enough of the debt bonds, which never had any practical use. Ok let me explain. Are you playing this free game? Yes. Then you are a customer of this f2p game. Why? Because either you or someone else has spent their money and put them into the economy. If you have EVER spent plat in the market for slots, formas or cosmetics, you have taken the plat out of the economy, which will have to be put back by either you or someone else. If I had an event, that would give me like 10 hours of playtime, I would take some weapons,
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