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  1. well that is weird, glad you found a solution tho :)
  2. Yup... Comand 10 is utter nonsense. The crew members are already very strong and do not need any kind of upgrade. The amount of investment people did is going to be nulified by this change. Who thought this is a good idea? I am baffled by this decision. Honestly ... You cannot ship this. It is insulting to players time and resource investment. When you did "Command 10 coming soon" I though it is going to be something cool, maybe connected to Sisters of Parvos, or something really powerful, but this is really it? Do you need a better command 10. Easy: "Allow player to command a
  3. I am pretty sure you have to have all nodes in Earth Proxima finished. Do you have that?
  4. Well. Sorry if I will ask questions that are too obvious, but it's the only way to figure it out. - Did you check your inventory afterward? It may have been visual bug. (You did not see it drop, but you actually have it.) If you were in the same squad as your friends when the nautilus pieces dropped for them, you should have it. Drops like these are shared. (Everyone gets the same thing at the same time.) - Weren't you afk, when the piece dropped?
  5. Cerikus

    Sortie Issue

    Hitting 28% 4 times in a row is very possible. It's just the way Sories are setup.
  6. No. Stealing is not legal, that's why it is stealing. xd Sorry for trolling, i couldn't resist. I think it is a bug. I am pretty sure rewards like these are impossible to steal. It's a brand new item, so that's why it is probably bugged.
  7. Ah I see. Trying to focus on the economy side when DE is a company and Warframe is their product they use to make profit was really too much. How did I dare to do such a thing. Trying to think like a game developer. I guess I will rather take my leave.
  8. DE make money only from plat purchases, prime access, unvaulting, exćusive bundles, tennogen. Nightwave had not interaction with any of this. I kinda don't agree. Companies are driven by profit. Just look at CP77. The devs knew it was unshipable, but they did and the reason was money. If I paid you everytime you draw a circle, but it would have to be a perfect circle, otherwise I wouldn’t pay you, how often would you draw me a circle? It is exactly how it works. Nightwave doesnt make money, so they can easily let the intermission to last another 6 months and they won’t lose a ce
  9. I cannot guarantee anything dude, but according to your argumentation, DE should just stop doing everything. What if the next update will be bad? What if it will make the game worse instead of better. DE have a pretty politive trackrecord. Usually there choices are playerfriendly and if they make an error, the community lets them know. What if it bad? is not a good argument, because: What if it good? —- yes it is a hook, but it shouldn’t be
  10. Giving people a choice to buy a pass in a free to play game IS player-friendly. Sorry, but these statements are non sense. It is not black and white. How many games with battlepasses have you actually played that you know it so well? I have played some and what you are describing is just not a reality. I like how you see DE as the most player friendly developer, when they literally have a slot machine system that makes them majority of their earning (Rivens) I don't want to quote starwars here, but thinking in absolutes is always bad. Also, you have still not given
  11. Because DE has put Nightwave on a side track and are not developing it, because it makes no money. Just look at the history of Nightwave. The seasons/intermissions are getting exponentially longer. DE add monetization -> people buy it -> it makes money -> DE have a reason to make new seasons as soon as possible to make money -> we get new seaons -> game good.
  12. One simple reason. Nightwave is one of the best things Warframe has. If they add additional paid track (unpurchasable with plat) for 10 dollars and each season will have exactly 60 ranks. We will get that season, because they will want the money. Money is a reason to develop a content. Nightwave has been abandoned exactly for that reasons. I literally do not get people who don't want it. Even if you will not pay for the second track, you WILL get more loot, because the seasons will be more often and better. It is very simple.
  13. I agree with the OP that nightwave would be better if it was more like battlepasses of Fortnite or Division or any other game that is successful, because it is using these systems in a smart way. If Nightwave had two tracks (One free, one paid with aditional items.) it would objectively be better and give DE reason to create that content. Do you guys have a real reason why this would be bad for the system? Or are you just going to spew random comments that have no marit to the discussion?
  14. I actually 100% agree. Nightwave should have a second paid track on top of the one we already have. This track would contain aditional evergreen items and unique cometics, that would enter the nightwave credit shop next season, so no one could complain that it is not obtainable for free. Reasons? Basically only one and it is a big one. DE absolutelly stopped caring about Nightwave, because getting a new season out takes DE a lot of time and it does not make any money. So they stopped caring and I understand that. We are again on another endless intermission... If there was a monetization
  15. These are all great changes! Thank you. Every time I see a change that helps new players, I am very happy.
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