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  1. #2211197 Missing collisions, skybox. Easily getting out of supposed route. At Corpus ship connection with grineer galeon tileset
  2. Yeah, I know, that's what I meant. Sorry if it was not clear enough. I consider convenience also as a power.
  3. I was closely watching the thing happen and I was even discussing a lot in the nerf announcement thread and I want to give my opinion. Issue #1: I understand how DE nerf (they nerf what spikes in the usage). My opinion is that the Xoris WAS overpowered. My interpration of OP is literally what it says: It has more power than other stuff and item that is so convenient is OP for me. Especially when it deepens issues that are not even suppose to exist. In that regard I agree with the nerf. For now. Issue #2: There are a lot of memes about "DE don't play Warframe", which is laughable, but I fear that people who decide on nerfing are not knowledgeable enough about the actual math systems in the game. DE have so many ways to find the truth, but instead they alone figure some reasons that are a complete lie and call it a day. Issue #3: Rivens were not suppose to affect Warframe powers, yet they do. Tbh.. I don't really care, but when DE nerf something that's less powerful then rivens (and claim it is), it looks bad. If DE want Rivens to affect Warframe powers, why not, but the powers have to be usable without that. Most exalted weapons and pseudo exalted weapons are trash and we can't even use bloodrush. Issue #4: It seems as if DE never weigh other possibilities, other than brutal nerf. They either destroy the weapon/ability itself, or just turn off the good interaction it had. I get that reworking systems takes time and people, but there are sometimes other solutions. I am baffled that DE never consider anything else. Solution?: Dear DE, would the game break or die if Xoris stayed like that until you finished Tennocon? No. Was it something that had to be solved fast? No. Then either you should have waited or you should have ASKED. You have a unique community. People are passionate about the game and help new Tenno and each other when the game itself is not clear enough. Why not ask people why they are doing what you want to nerf...? If you can implement effect that removes combo counter when you use a particular weapon and ability so easily, you can do the oposite as well, which would actually CREATE CHOICE for people. Why every Warframe ability that uses statstick does not count towards the melee combo? (Just like Khora's whip.) If you do that, do you know what would happen? Xoris would be "nerfed"... people would stop using it as much and have more choice, but it would not make it the WORST statstick in the game. People could use whatever they have. Imagine if I could take Khora and my favorite melee, which would not be an ideal statstick with the one existing build, but I could actually use it! *surprise pikatchu face* I will say what I say everytime: It does not have to be this difficult, but yet here we are.
  4. Of course. 100% agree. If I would get stance forma bps somewhere else (rather than SS for 5000 creds) and I would have few spare formas, I would probably build it. It is convenient. But the problem is the cost.. My useless proposition 😄 would be to: - When SS comes back, the stance forma should be build for 5000 cred. - Make it drop somewhere else and change instead of forma as a build requirement put like 10 orokin cells or void traces or something else, but not forma. Forma should not be a component for other types of forma imho.
  5. Again as I said. For MOST builds you can just use the forma you need to build stance forma and polarize another slot. You can then just put the wrong polarity into the stance slot and don't be bothered by it. For example: (normal build needs 4, this has 5 forma) Or you can build stance forma and waste 5 nitains ...
  6. Sorry, I don't want to burst your bubble, but: 1) Stance forma is literally useless. I cannot find a single weapon to put it on. (It's cheaper and easier to just put few formas in.) 2) You can spawn similar numbers in simulacrum. There was never more that that in Scarlet spear missions. 3) Yeah, ok. I will take this as a good reason. 😄 I will add 1 more reason tho: I still don't understand why there isn't a person or few at DE that would be tasked with rerunning older events more often and modified a bit. Why don't they cycle through Ghouls, Fractures, Famorian, Razorback, Scarlet spear, Plague star, Acolytes etc. (all this is in game, all they need to is flip the switch) BUT The rewards would be different! This weekend you can do 5 ghoul bounties and get 3x forma at the and. This weekend you can close 10 fractures and get catalyst. This weekend you can kill this random Acolyte and get his unique modes. This weekend there is 1000 Murexes, kill them all and get 50k scarlet creds to spend. They changed Warframe into a live event game, but noone is upkeeping anything. It's just a dead space. It could be so easy 😞 EDIT: P.S. There is literally a world state webpage you can read. Warframe is pulling all the info from there. You can read there what missions are active and what the rewards are. They literally need to just write one line of text.
  7. It is like this since the UI rework. I am pretty sure it's a bug. It has already been reported by some people in bug report. In the meantime wait for the rep to reset and then trade in everything. When you don't have 0, it works.
  8. I 100% agree. Or the amount of standing could stay the same, BUT! When you find a solaris, you can interact and then in turns into mobile defense. If you fail, solaris dies (you could lose standing?).
  9. Yes. 100% But that's not reason for the nerf. The reason is that streamers/youtubers sold it as if it was and people started using it. I guarantee that the usage stats skyrocketed especially during the testcluster. The weapon doesn't have to be the best weapon in the category to deserve the nerf. Catchmoon or Bramma was the same story. These were NOT the best weapons in the game, but people went crazy and used them.
  10. All people that don't understand why DE nerf stuff.. Please watch this:
  11. It kinda is, because like 80% of the rolls of riven is garbage. Gettin an ok roll that is usable either takes a lot of kuva or the plat price to buy it is ridiculus. That makes it not something you even can or want to balance around. Also if YOU have a riven you are not "a spike" in the general statistics. You are just a lone person who had either a lucky roll or bought it. Nothing to balance there. I agree 100% with this tho. But you know.. The solution to Xoris is a fast one. It's exactly the thing I think people should realize. Yes. This nerf is not the best solution. Yes. There is much better solution. The better solution takes weeks and tons of people to change. The solution they are doing takes one person and probably like 15 mins. I can deal with that, especially since they are working on Tennocon reveal and other stuff and are working from home.
  12. Well let me rephrase. Everytime you have to consider how difficult it would be to do something and what would be the result. When I said unnecessary I meant that this would take a LOT of time and a LOT of people to do and the result would may not even be worth it. Like the amount of change they would have to do would be imense. Also .. for me this solution sounds like a horrible idea.. to be honest. The challange of modding a frame is to decide what you want to go for. If you allow some abilities to be moddable separately you basically delete decisions and you would just go for one good build for every ability.
  13. I fear that that's a bit unnecessary and extremely devtime heavy. BUT! I think it should be solved and I think there could be a more elegant solution. I would suggest just giving exalted weapons to all warframes that are using some statsticks now, if they don't have them yet and if they do, buff it so you mitigate the loss of using melee mods. (This problem is exactly why we got exalted modable weapons some time ago in the first place. DE just didn't go far enough.)
  14. You CANNOT balance the game based on rivens. Not everyone has riven. Almost nobody will get a good riven, or even god riven. Many people don't use rivens to begin with or just flat out refuse to do that. Using rivens as an argument is absolutely erroneous.
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