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  1. I think that all the changes are definitely a great step in the right direction. So, I thank you very much for it. I would like to suggest a solution to: Disclaimer: This would be the best solution for me. I understand that other people may not like it. I think that you should: 1) Delete thrall missions: If the lich has a sphere of influence over some nodes, we should not have the option to run a normal mission. Lich system is already opt-in, so people know what to expect and it would be more meaningful. 2) Give lich more levels: 5 levels is not enough. The lich is maxed out way to quickly. I would give them 10 or 15 lvls. Max lvl would be the same power as we have now on lvl 5 and the differences between levels would be therefore smaller. 3) Thralls lure out lich: Thralls should NOT give the murmurs (or only a little), but killing them should lure out the lich. I don't want to fight his thralls, I want to fight him. I would set it up like this: a) If you do not want to meet the lich, you don't mercykill his thralls and let them die (similar to the larvlings) b) If you want to meet him, execute them. That will make him angry. Do this like 10 times and he comes. c) He also has a chance to spawn randomly, but that would not happen every mission. d) He can invade you with his thralls anywhere in the starchart, if his lvl is high enough (10 maybe?), but that would be rare. Basically, liches 1.0 were a huge grind for the weapons. That is what made the content long lasting. Liches 2.0 give us the possibility to choose the "correct" lich and skip the rng grind, so therefore the relationship between lich and player should take longer. It should take longer to kill him and should be more about 1v1 with lich and less about grinding his thralls. tl;dr: More lvls for liches, no murmur from thralls - luring out lich, actual long relationship (just the way it was promised at Tennocon).
  2. I may not understand it correctly, but does this mean that once you finish the POI, you can disconnect?
  3. I got some possible items: -Hidden messages bp (I finished it before the Starchart 3.0 and then I got the bp. I cannot build it and it's stuck in my foundry) -I wouldn't mind being able to sell some riven transmuters or Juggernaut drops.
  4. Yes that is absolutely true, but it is very likely (statistically speaking), that there is going to be the same trend in other subsets of Warframe players. Yes it can be scaled differently or shifted (since the consoles get the updates with delay) but it is highly unlikely that it will be opposite.
  5. Thanks for your reply 🙂 I basically agree with all you said. I obviously did not offer the best solution. It was more of a "stream of ideas" and I definitely could phrase things in a better way. As you said there are ways to go about this and I feel like there are even multiple ways, but the point is that they have to take one and actually do it. Creating more "islands" is not going to help.
  6. Well we currently are at the lowest point since July 2017 so explain that. My point of view means I can take my money elsewhere and that's about it. But I am quoting steam data for what it's worth. Also, can you link me to the posts/videos where they said that it would cause huge issues?
  7. Yeah... well and from my point of view and based on the steam stats, the current direction is doing basically the same. So you are saying that if I am a paying customer I should shut up and not speak about the issues I find troubling about the product I am paying for? (Yes, Warframe is f2p, but even if you never bought anything for money, you have certainly spend some plat in the market, which effectively gives money to DE)
  8. Well first of all I have to say that I wrote in my post: "what I would like personally/what I think would help", so you have to understand that this is only my opinion based on my observation. That is why it is a suggestion. Maybe DE can pull their own stats and think about it more. And my evidence is the experience of myself and people I know who played/play Warframe (including clanmates) and the public data. The first evidence is the fact that the Emypean brought 0 new people into the game and bunch of players just left. The second evidence is that even though I already have all the "old" rewards, I still play old content, because it is fun despite the bugs and the parts that are unfinished. I stoped playing the "new" content very soon after the release. The third evidence is that there are tons of people who are saying the same. Even the "big youtubers" are saying that DE needs to fix the game first and make new content later. So yeah, but as I said, it's just my opinion. To answer your other question. I would start with updating the droptables by deleting the useless trash. Then I would put more cosmetics in the droptables. I would never put new weapons as a clan research, but rather put them as parts in the game. I would create more ways to get rivens. I would put formas and potatos to some droptables. I would use the system from Tickers debt shop, where you spend your resources to buy the debt-bonds. You would maybe get standing somewhere and then you could buy some special items. Like.. the ideas are endless. You could even go full mental with the floofs. People love those. Imagine big floof vendor that would only accept resources for floofs. At that point you would have to go back to starchart to farm resources to buy those. They could also add the "level slider" they promised like a year ago, where you increase the levels from the begining of the mission, risking some bet (resources/credits maybe) to get higher yields. As I say. easy.
  9. I know that this suggestion sounds ridiculus, but I think that DE should finish the updates that they currently have in queue and then stop all the development of everything else. (New war, planes of duviri and other stuff) If you look at the steam charts you can easily see that people are constantly leaving and it is not because "emypean bad", but beacause the updates has been halfbaked and not thought through enough for at least 6 months. What I suggest (what I would like personally/what I think would help) is just a full stop on "new content". Next wednesday it will be exactly 4 years since Totalbiscuit (rest his soul) did a huge video about Warframe where he said amongst other things, that Warframe has a huge potential but it feels like "a castle built on the ruins of another castle built on the ruins of another castle built on the ruins of another castle..." After 4 years I still get the same feeling as he did then. The content that Warframe has, is already good enough to keep people playing. All Warframe needs right now is upkeeping. They need to take a look at EVERYTHING. By that I mean. Update droptables. Update the missions. Take a look at player progression. Fix stuff that is broken for a long time. Maybe destroy and delete some content and connect some of it to other content. They basically need to tear down all the walls and build one good "castle" that is going to work on its own. Then and only then they can continue with the rest of their plans. New updates ARE NOT going to help now.
  10. Yeah I totally feel your pain, but it had to be done like this to make it better I guess. But the thing is that it doesn't matter if the post from DE brings happines, sadness or a mix of those two. The most important thing is that there is a post!
  11. Thank you very much for posting about it here like this. 🙂 It's very good to know in advance that you are working on something like that. 👏
  12. Don't know if you have seen it, but Rebecca just responded to the Empyrean megathread on the topic of Reactors. That is exactly what I was saying would really help. I am happy that she did it, so a big commendation for that. More of that please and all will be fine. 🙂
  13. Soon™? Edit: I think that the offseason is going to last at least one or two more months.
  14. Absolutelly true. And that's why this is not a thread with suggestions or feedback. I just wanted to discuss the current state of reality with my fellow Tenno. 🙂 Btw I already did several threads in feedback forum. I don't think they need more.
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