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  1. Can I honestly say I love you? :D I must be stupid, because I had no idea windows had this feature. You have mady my life 1000000x better!!! You are my hero!
  2. unfortunately yes. there are currently 19 kuva weapons, so if you are unlucky, it really can take that many larvlings
  3. Yes, 100%. Or the icon could just change a bit, or there could be a symbol next to the name. I guess any indicator that is not a simple color change would be great.
  4. Hi DE. It's me again with issues I often have because I am partially colorblind. I know I must be getting pretty annying with my posts :D I know it sounds crazy, but this looks pretty much identical to me. Since we have the hud costomization now, could you add the option to change the color of the focus trees, please? It would really make my life easier. Currently I have to turn the nodes on and off while watching my capacity numbers change, so I know for sure that I have the ability un/equiped.
  5. Well.. You have my attention. Now I really want amogus warframe. What would be the abilities?
  6. There is a terminal to the left when you enter Helminth room. You can rename it using this terminal.
  7. There is a bug in the deimos endless bounty. Whenever the excavaor spawns south from Infested Seraglio the progress stops. Enemies stop spawning, excavator loses power and you cannot continue. This happens with one specific excavator that can be seen on this pic: All other excavators that spawn in this area do NOT halt the progress. Only this specific one. It happened to me more than once and it was always when an excavator spawned there.
  8. Great changes! Thank you. Because grinding SP (once the update comes out) with melee only, so we get mods that are going to make SP doable with guns is illogical. As Reb said: the difficutly tiers are: Starchart, Arbitrations/Sorties, SP. It makes sense to aquire the gear for SP before you reach SP.
  9. I have missed this the first time I read the workshop.. I just want to echo, what most people have already said. It is mostly punishing the loyal players, who actually interacted with Helminth, and you shouldn't punish loyal players for playing.
  10. Yup. And I didn't mention the fact that even if I decided to carefully shoot a heavy gunner, so it doesn't vaporize, so I can use my parazon... This is a coop game... There are other players that can vaporize almost anything withing 0,01 seconds.. How am I suppose to comunicate to them to not vaporize this particular heavy gunner, becuase I need my 3 stacks to revive my sentinel...
  11. Most enemies in game are either on 100% health or 0%. Even if the finisher was available once enemy is at 95% health, it would still be too difficult to use to care about parazon finishers. I don't understand why you are still insisting on this design. Parazon finishers are great on thralls, because you MUST do them. Can you finally just let enemies do the same thing as thralls do? If the SPECIFIC enemy is killed, it kneels. You either finish it with parazon and get the buffs OR you can ignore the enemy. If not parazon killed they can bleed out in like 10 seconds. I can promise you, that the parazon finisher usage will not increase in any significant way, if you do what you described in the workshop.
  12. I think all 3 workshops are a step in a good direction. For me.. there is one huge issue. Putting the mods as a steel path reward is baffling decision. They are suppose to help guns work in steel path, right? Soo... Why put them there as a reward.. Am I suppose to bring melees to do it? Put it literally anywhere else. There is room everywhere in the game. The only place where they cannot be is steel path. :D
  13. well that is weird, glad you found a solution tho :)
  14. Yup... Comand 10 is utter nonsense. The crew members are already very strong and do not need any kind of upgrade. The amount of investment people did is going to be nulified by this change. Who thought this is a good idea? I am baffled by this decision. Honestly ... You cannot ship this. It is insulting to players time and resource investment. When you did "Command 10 coming soon" I though it is going to be something cool, maybe connected to Sisters of Parvos, or something really powerful, but this is really it? Do you need a better command 10. Easy: "Allow player to command a gunner to shoot a weak point." When you are in grineer railjack missions, the weakpoints are very tedious when playing solo. This would be amazing. You spend energy in the command menu, the crew memeber shoots the radiator. Worthy Rank 10.
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