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  1. I bought a DualSense (the PS5 controller) to play games with a device specifically designed to play games. Thing is, Warframe support for controllers is atrocious and very finnicky. I have the following controller config on Steam: And on Warframe: Whenever I try to use a console, I'm unable to get it to work, and I also noticed I can't blink on Archwing, despite the controller stating as such. Does it work better with DS4Windows? Because I cannot have it not work without motion controls anymore, it's just too good, and Steam has the only workaround for that that actuall
  2. It would be amazing to use the foundry while I'm farming random S#&$. Besides, I don't log off my pc, I'm always afk instead of closing the game, so it would be nice to, again, access foundry and use my resources more efficiently. Just tell Ordis to craft stuff remotely from within a mission, it's not that hard lore-wise. From a parity perspective, just check parity at servers instead of client and make flags for different types of apps. One bit worth of a flag (you're either in the game or the app), one of them can't go into missions, can't use most functionality outsid
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