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  1. Really, who in there thought that removing Sentinel rivens from rotation was a good idea????
  2. Cool sugestion: add some free choice for veterans, we have been getting these rewards without choice for years now, it would be nice if we could get some itens we actually want, then we can move forwards normally
  3. So, can you please add either CC or invisibility to to Molt? It's quite annoying to use Molt defensively and die the next second because a bombard had already shot me and the missile is locked on me or from cc any other unit dealt me. Regenerative Molt does not scale, which is your intention here, so here are some suggestions: -Regenerative Molt heal you by a % of damage absorbed in the invulnerability phase of the Molt; -Molt makes me invisible for a couple of seconds on cast, with or without the augment; -Molt stuns the enemies surrounding me, on top of the speed boost. Since you can no longer use Molt offensively, why not buff the survivability of Saryn (aside from the armor buff)? I actually like to play melee Saryn, but she is not tanky enough to keep up with high level enemies solo, so please improve her natural healing. ❤️ But the changes were amazing, overall, can't wait to play Saryn again.
  4. So, does it alert enemies? Because I'm not a fan of going into a spy mission just to have Venari trigger the alarms. Also, you HAVE to make it tankyer (I suggest making it's health scale with Power Strength), if you are really willing to make it not revivable by pressing 3. It's amazing to just revive Venari pressing 3, and it is also amazing to be able to get it whenever you want. I suggest an energy cost to cast Venari (like 50 or 100), a minimal energy cost to change the command (something between 1 and 10) and being able to unsummon (is this word right?) Venari by holding 3. It could do some special move when deactivated, or something like that, but I really like the idea of being able to control whenever I want Venari to be active and use that in favor of my team.
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