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  1. Your vision is objectively wrong. While the damage was definitely bugged and needed fixing, the ability itself was simply viable. The numbers themselves were OP, but the act of having to mark an enemy then jump on them was, and still is, objectively weak. Combo builds in Warframe have a history of being trash because of the extremely frustrating setup that they require, where while you're setting it up, someone in your team will inevitably kill the entire room with less overkill by using a single weapon or ability. The damage should be enough to take down a lv 100 heavy by targeting a li
  2. Round 2 NEEDS to be increasing fire range. The grab range is fine, but I need to stay literally in the face of an enemy for Lohk to fire, which is a bit obnoxious, even with a max range build.
  3. It would be amazing to use the foundry while I'm farming random S#&$. Besides, I don't log off my pc, I'm always afk instead of closing the game, so it would be nice to, again, access foundry and use my resources more efficiently. Just tell Ordis to craft stuff remotely from within a mission, it's not that hard lore-wise. From a parity perspective, just check parity at servers instead of client and make flags for different types of apps. One bit worth of a flag (you're either in the game or the app), one of them can't go into missions, can't use most functionality outsid
  4. I swear by the life of me, I just want to slap this thing on Limbo... Please let me have the modified version on Limbo himself... Please... Make our suffering as Limbo mains end...
  5. The mechanic for only being able to use alt fire if you didn't headshot is interfering with the ability of the weapon alt firing when corrupted by a relic. I think it just checks for any infinite magazine buff instead of checking for it's own buff, which is really a bummer when farming relics.
  6. I think this is intender behavior. I'm not sure, but they made it so Shade only attacks if provoked for a reason.
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