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  1. Nice to see Sepulcrum get some love but the homing rockets are still mostly useless, just tried and half of the rockets just randomly fly away same as before. Cortege really needs a look, for the farm its very underwhelming and that alt fire delay is just the worst feeling thing, waiting with no indication of when you can fire again and for seemingly no reason :( You went hard on that M4D nerf, that one was one the few fun helminth abilities and now we lost that too? Helminth feels more like a roar / Larva machine more than before now.
  2. The delay is indeed very annoying partly becuase there is nothing to indicate any kind of delay, not even an animation of the weapon "recovering" from the alt fire.
  3. Yea the delay after using the alt fire is quite annoying, I understand if there is supposed to be a short recharge but there is no animation you just have to wait and guess when its ready to fire again. a CD timer or animation on the weapon may make it feel a little better
  4. I have 14 Quassus BPs and 27 Axi relics, No Xaku part.....Never had such bad RNG this has to be wrong
  5. May be on purpose but not for malicious reasons, more like with scarlet spear to make sure nothing is exploited first, although clarity on that would be nice. I can totally understand why DE dont want us blowing through all of this in a week and I would wager there is alot we still havent dicovered but I feel there are better ways of gating content if they want it to take a while. It may be fun to see an NPC hub where ranks are unlocked by contributions made by the entire community similar to the relay rebuild they did a while back. Xaku is underwhelming at the moment but there is pl
  6. So am I right in thinking amber stars now sit next to 1000 Endo in the common T5 bounty rewards? Vaults are very broken, as with most things warframe no info given at all regarding them Conservation feels forced and not fun. At a bare minimum please take out rare tags being needed, cant find birds for R3. Helminth BP takes 5 rares to craft. This is not fun in a looter shooter game. I know some poeple got lucky and found stuff but i spent all last night doing a game mode i find very very boring trying to progress and didnt get a single tag i needed. Tried proper caps with pheremone an
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