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  1. 8 hours ago, Dark_Lugia said:

    Thank you very much.


    Is it maybe possible to reduce the cost for the arcanes?
    Right now it doesn't feel very rewarding grinding the cells to buy them, epecially compared to Scarlet Spear.

    I think its the lack of Flotilla Bonuses. But agreed the 10% point to currency conversion feels a bit harsh when 1 energise is 800

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  2. Nice to see Sepulcrum get some love but the homing rockets are still mostly useless, just tried and half of the rockets just randomly fly away same as before.

    Cortege really needs a look, for the farm its very underwhelming and that alt fire delay is just the worst feeling thing, waiting with no indication of when you can fire again and for seemingly no reason :(

    You went hard on that M4D nerf, that one was one the few fun helminth abilities and now we lost that too? Helminth feels more like a roar / Larva machine more than before now.

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  3. Yea the delay after using the alt fire is quite annoying, I understand if there is supposed to be a short recharge but there is no animation you just have to wait and guess when its ready to fire again. a CD timer or animation on the weapon may make it feel a little better

  4. 5 hours ago, Nanology said:

    Can't even craft Xaku............ let alone how many you need for other stuff. I think DE does this on purpose.

    May be on purpose but not for malicious reasons, more like with scarlet spear to make sure nothing is exploited first, although clarity on that would be nice.

    I can totally understand why DE dont want us blowing through all of this in a week and I would wager there is alot we still havent dicovered but I feel there are better ways of gating content if they want it to take a while. It may be fun to see an NPC hub where ranks are unlocked by contributions made by the entire community similar to the relay rebuild they did a while back.

    Xaku is underwhelming at the moment but there is plenty of feedback on that around so its likely going to be mentioned in the stream later (I hope). Everything is crossed for the stream later.


  5. So am I right in thinking amber stars now sit next to 1000 Endo in the common T5 bounty rewards?

    Vaults are very broken, as with most things warframe no info given at all regarding them

    Conservation feels forced and not fun. At a bare minimum please take out rare tags being needed, cant find birds for R3. Helminth BP takes 5 rares to craft. This is not fun in a looter shooter game. I know some poeple got lucky and found stuff but i spent all last night doing a game mode i find very very boring trying to progress and didnt get a single tag i needed. Tried proper caps with pheremone and flying around in AW with tranq out, can find lots of normal pups but nothing rare at all, birds rarely spawn. Can we get some clarification one devstream about why conservation is so heavily needed compared to fishing and mining. Rank3 and 4 upgrade both need specific things from conservation / son to get

    Some bounties have spawn issues, literally waiting 20 seconds for mobs to spawn while collecting samples

    Beautiful new area yet we area facing the same issues as we have with alot of new content and balancing

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  6. Nerf after nerf on the same weapons is getting really old 😞 

    You have a great system with rivens that you are ruining with these band aid updates to dispo. Set the lowest to 1, not 0.65 as thats useless.

    I have personally been off rivens for a while directly due to how you handle them, I cant spend time and get excited for something knowing DE will likely nerf it anyway because its fun.


    Please oh please rework the riven system entirely

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  7. 12 hours ago, [DE]Taylor said:

    For many years we have featured Fan Artists in a variety of ways to support their art and talent — that isn’t changing, and will not tie into the Creator Program. Instead, the Creator Program will offer tools and resources for artists (and other Creators) to build their online presence and communities.

    So excited for this!!! maybe access to some 3D models so I can make some crazy S#&$ for you guys

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  8. Guuuuys, look ok yes the Brama is strong, but you knew that surely before we even got it in game.

    You know I have muchos love for DE but you gotta stop this pattern, release OP weapon, let people invest and enjoy then nerf it into oblivion, its happened on every good weapon for the last 18 months.


    Its getting old logging in to find my 5 forma and X amount of plat super fun weapon is totally useless. The blow would be softened slightly if you gave a few forma back, you know people have 5 forma on a kuva weapon its alot to waste

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  9. TYPE: In Game, Scarlet spear

    DESCRIPTION: Wave expired message from little duck despite completing 100/100, no scarlet credits given

    REPRODUCTION: happened both times i did 100/100 since the last hotfix

    EXPECTED RESULT: credits guys, this has happened so many times and seems worse since the hotfix, i have lost at least 50k credits

    OBSERVED RESULT: bonus system is NOT WORKING

    REPRODUCTION RATE: lost count now 😞

  10. TYPE: In Game, Scarlet spear space mission

    DESCRIPTION: Oplink 1 shot after re entering railjack, dies the second it loses invincibility

    REPRODUCTION: We got it 3 times on the run after 2nd murex, 1 person stayed out on 3rd run and it still happened

    EXPECTED RESULT: Oplink should not randomly explode?

    OBSERVED RESULT: Oplink go boom, Went from the Invinciblity from re entering the RJ to dead in a split second with no enemies shooting it

    REPRODUCTION RATE: 3 on the run, others confirmed in relay chat

  11. TYPE: Scarlet spear Flotilla completed, no credit rewards in mail

    DESCRIPTION: [In Flotilla, had completed 1 x full ground and 2 x full space missions, returned to flotilla at 98/100 andwas there when it hit 100/100, its then reset to 0/100 with approx 80 mins left to reset]

    REPRODUCTION: [Spend over an hour working for rewards and see if you gt them? seems like a common enough bug on this thread]

    EXPECTED RESULT: [I should of received scarlet credits in the mail with emblems]

    OBSERVED RESULT: [I received a message saying "wave expired" we did not repel the wave and received some emblems but no credits (the wave was completed to 100/100) ]

    REPRODUCTION RATE: [Not trying that again if it doesnt work sorry]

  12. Not even getting the syandana, I did the 3am rediculous stay up for loot thing, got nothing, watched Griddark for easily 4 hours on sat, nothing, watched most of Ashi's stream yesterday, nothing. 


    What makes it worse is how many people are getting multiples of the syandana. this isnt even me being all collector and wanting it for the sake of it, I actually like it and would like to be able to use it.


    Yes my twitch prime is linked, yes i was signed into twitch, yesterday I unlinked then re linked my twitch prime and double checked it, share my activity is turned on and i have checked all the way down my inbox.


    This reward just needs to be given out on mass, support have told me they cant award it since there is no way for them to confirm i spent at least 30 mins in a stream, if this is the case then how is it even being awarded?

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