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  1. Considering we've asked for this since Focus 1.0 was first released years ago I wouldn't hold my breath.
  2. As said above, lenses are only for focus acquisition, they are irrelevant to the school you want to use with a frame. As to your break down of the schools, be aware that you need to make a distinction between focus powers that affect only the operator and focus powers that affect the warframe. Only the focus powers labeled PASSIVE affect the warframes (to make things confusing, those labeled PASSIVE, WAY-BOUND do not). That typically leaves you with Zenurik for energy regen (every frame needs energy), and Naramon for more melee affinity and melee combo counter decay. Everything else
  3. Archwing has separate sensitivity settings. Scroll down...
  4. Actually the answer is to not feel so rushed. Focus powers can be useful but not so much that their acquisition should be defining your gaming time. You'll get them eventually. My opinion, anyway.
  5. Est-ce que tu utilises des logiciels lesquels offrent un "overlay" dans les jeu? Cela peut causer des problèmes. En cas de doute fermes tout autre logiciel avant de lancer Warframe. Si cela n'aide pas vaut mieux contacter le support officiel : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us. Ajoute le Launcher.log que tu trouves dans le dossier %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe (copier-coller dans Windows Explorer) PS: Ici c'est le forum anglais, voici le français : https://forums.warframe.com/forum/145-aide/
  6. No, you'd need to leave the squad before you all start loading into the mission, but you can, of course, immediately abort the mission once you loaded in. And can also Alt+F4 to quit the game entirely if you want to stop playing.
  7. I'm not entirely sure what you are asking. Do you want to know how to leave a squad, or are you saying it takes you too long to return to your orbiter, or?
  8. Yeah, if you check the Steam hardware survey, it's not even 2% still on 32bit and frankly I'm surprised it's still that many. It's been over 15 years that I last had a 32bit CPU on PC, time to let it go. I played Hawken a little but at the end of the day it wasn't really about mechs, it was just a generic shooter with mech skins where battles usually played out the same way every time due to map design and limited "mech" options. So people got bored and went looking for the next shooter instead (the new stuff got introduced way too late, people had left before that, myself included).
  9. Pretty much. Developing a ready-to-use private server costs money, nobody is gonna dump that into a product that wasn't economically viable anymore.
  10. Yeah, months ago before it got fixed. If you found something broken now your post isn't helping.
  11. No, they already shut that down as well last year. It's NCSoft after all, don't look surprised.
  12. At this point it wouldn't be correct though since they did not track that stat for the past. What they could quite easily display is the total forma count on items you currently own, the game client already has that information, but information about how much forma you had on items you sold is unavailable.
  13. The typical meta squad (Chroma, Volt, Harrow, Trin) gets 10 per night, personally I've never done more than 11, not sure what the max is. This assumes proper amps, Itzal archwings (for movement + looting), Adarza kavats, and knowing to manage your lures (you only need 1 charged lure for the first stages). But I'm sure there's plenty guides out there. PS: To OP: I use the operator all the time outside of PoE. There's plenty of uses for that guy. But just like everything, it's optional, so if you don't want to experience that part of the game then just don't, there's enough else to do
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